Sailor & Rowan


Sailor & Rowan are a bonded sibling pair of 9 month old kittens with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). Sailor is the short haired orange female, Rowan is the medium haired black & white boy. A kitten has CH when the part of their brain that controls their balance and fine motor skills, the cerebellum, is underdeveloped at birth. This is a non-contagious, non-progressive neurological condition. In our experience, this usually just means that a cat will wobble a bit when they walk, since most of the cases that we see are mild. However, these two have a more severe case of CH; they have so little balance that they can not walk at all. They manage to get around by crawling and can do so quite quickly if they’re feeling determined!

They currently have a large play pen set up in their foster home with a layer of towels covered in a layer of pee pads, which gets cleaned twice daily. Using a modified litter box actually created more mess because of the way that they get around. Their foster mom tried out onesies and baby diapers on them, but getting them to stay on became difficult – someone a little creative may be able to find a solution for this. They do need to be bathed regularly, and although they don’t enjoy it, they are used to it and it isn’t difficult for one person to do at all. Rowan gets his bottom half shaved regularly to help minimize any mess, since he does have longer hair.

Sailor & Rowan LOVE to be pet and loved on by people almost as much as they love to cuddle and groom each other. These siblings just adore each other and have never been apart, so they must find a home together. Their disability prevents them from climbing and jumping, so if you’re looking for kittens that won’t get on the countertops, here they are! We feel that they would do well in a home with adults or older kids. They’re very sweet but they would need a family who is old enough to understand how to handle them, since they are a bit more vulnerable in a sense. They have been raised around other cats, kittens and a small dog; they will hiss at first, but eventually they accept their housemates. 

Sailor & Rowan are currently residing in a foster home in Port St. Lucie, FL. Please give us a call at 772-489-5454 to schedule a time to meet them.