Update: Frog has been adopted. Good luck Frog and have fun in your new home.

This good looking Boxer is named Frog. You’re probably wondering what kind of name is Frog for such a good looking Boxer. Frog was found abandoned on the side of the road in a torrential rain storm. The story goes he looked like a waterlogged and sad frog.

Frog2Frog is almost three years old. He’s a good and very lovable boy. In fact he was adopted out from our shelter last year, but his owner got sick and since Frog would love to get in her lap she couldn’t keep him any longer because it hurt her too much.

Frog came back, but if you’re looking for a great Boxer who is very affectionate he may be for you. Come meet him. Frog promises the slobber will be kept to a minimum.

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