Higgins1Update: Higgins has been adopted.

This sweetie is named Higgins. He is about a 2 and a half year old Labrador Retriever. His owner got sick and couldn’t take care of him any longer. Higgins is still very puppy like and rambunctious. He could use a new forever home that will give him lots of exercise each day and training. Higgins is very eager to please and learn but he needs a good alpha pack leader to follow. If you are an active family without very small children that has patience and willing to put the time in with Higgins to help him become the greatest dog there is then stop by the shelter and meet him. He would love to say hi.

2 thoughts on “Higgins

  1. Is Higgins still available. I am interested in him. I would like to know how he does with smaller dogs. We have a double lot with plenty of fenced room. I would also like to know the total cost to adopt him.

    • Someone has an application on the dog and is going to take him home for a trial this coming weekend to see if he gets along with this persons other dogs. If that doesn’t work out, I would encourage you to get an application in on the dog.

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