Jazzy1AUpdate: Jazzy has been adopted.

This cute girl is named Jazzy. She is a four year old Havanese, Maltese, and probably some Bichon Fries. One thing is for certain, she is a very sweet and affectionate girl who would love to find a forever home. Who can say “No” to such a sweet face?


4 thoughts on “Jazzy

  1. Jazzy is adorable. I rescued the cutest 8 year old female dog. She was a mix jack russell/ papillon. She had a clean bill of health from the humane society. I owned her 2 months 17 days and she died of a heart attack yesterday. apparently she was beaten, left in a crate for 8 years, because she always ran in circles and constantly shook. She l slept in my bed and I always held her. She trusted me and loved me.
    I am heartbroken over my loss. This picture looks close to my darling dog. I work very little as I am retired. I work approximately 15 hours a month. Please give me a chance to see her. I own a 8 year old Brussells Griffon. I am a widow with no children at home.
    What is her weight?
    My name is Robyn Lako and live in Stuart.
    ph 407-590-7820.

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