Do you know me?

I am a ten-year-old calico girl who was dumped in a dog run in the middle the night at Dogs & Cats Forever’s main shelter in Fort Pierce.

That’s not my biggest problem.

You see, I can’t walk on my back legs, and because my owner didn’t leave a note or any other explanation with me, the folks at the shelter don’t know how to help me.
They have already taken me to the vet twice and had x-rays and bloodwork performed but the doctors don’t know why I can’t walk. The vet suggested that next I go to a neurologist who could possibly tell them what is wrong with me.

I eat well and I can drag myself to the litter box, (but I sometimes make a mess). I can even crawl a little on my back knees. The vets want to give me more time to get better, but they don’t know anything about my medical history.

The folks at the shelter don’t care who my owners used to be. They don’t want anything from them except the truth about what happened to me and how long I have been unable to walk.

The shelter folks named me Kalinda. I love to be petted, and I purr a lot. Also, I’m declawed on my front feet.

If you know my story, please let the shelter know at 772-489-5454 or 772-216-4109. You don’t have to say who you are-just tell them about me.

The shelter is starting a medical fund for me if I can be helped. If you would like to donate to that fund, please contact the shelter at 772_489-5454 or mail donations to Dogs & Cats Forever, 4600 Selvitz Rd, Fort Pierce, FL 34981

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