Female-8 Months- Chow Chow

This is KoKo and I know you will fall in love with her because of her good looks. KoKo needs a family/person that will love her forever. In the 8 months of KoKo’s life she has never been walked on a leash. So now when she feels the leash around her neck, she just drops to the ground and refuses to walk. KoKo also has never been socialized, so when she sees people all she wants to do is run to a corner and hide. But with help from the volunteers at the shelter we have been working with KoKo. We are trying to make her feel she doesn’t need to be scared anymore. KoKo will need a family/person that will understand that with all that hair comes maintenance, and living in the Florida heat will need grooming. KoKo is still a puppy and so far she likes playing with other dogs. If you are interested in KoKo and have a dog(s) a meet and greet will need to be set up. Please send your application online.