Ladybird1Update: Ladybird has been adopted.

Ladybird is a four month old Coon Hound mix female. She gets along well with other dogs and kids. She will need lots of exercise and an active family but will bring years of enjoyment and love to a forever family.

4 thoughts on “Ladybird

  1. May I ask how much Ladybird weighs? Odd question you might think. VERY long story..shortest version..I stumbled upon your website quite by accident. (Actually I don’t believe that everything happens for a reason in life.) Always searching for a female part hound with that certain “look in her eyes”, coloring, etc. We lost our 4-legged “child” Agate yr and 4 months ago and have been looking diligently all over the US for a long time.
    Ladybird’s weight would tell us where she’s at on her growth chart.

    You have a LOVELY facility and I would like to send you a check . Who can’t use some help when rescuing these precious babies?

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