Layla2Update: Layla has been adopted.

This is Layla.

Layla is just over four years old. She is a spayed female, German Shepherd and Labrador mix.

Layla is very laid back and loves to go on walks on the leash. She has great manners on the leash and if you need a walking partner to drop some of those last few holiday pounds you may have acquired then Layla would love to motivate you for a little exercise.

As you can see, Layla is a long haired dog, who needs a good brushing from time to time to keep the shedding in control. Otherwise she is awesome and super friendly. Come in and see her, she’d love to meet you.


2 thoughts on “Layla

  1. Hi I came across Layla’s photo and think she is beautiful! I would love to learn more about her.
    How much does she weigh? Is she good around kids and other animals?

    • Ashley if you call or stop by the shelter a staff member will be happy to assist you with specific information. Layla is probably around 50-60lbs. She has a pleasant disposition and fine around older children 10+ years old, but since she is an older dog we wouldn’t recommend allowing smaller kids around her unsupervised. She gets along well with other dogs, cats not so much.

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