Macie is a mature little gal that certainly does not act her age. Very active. Loves to go for walks. Potty trained. It appears someone used her for breeding and then just discarded her in a high kill shelter where her fate would have been sealed. She is a strong headed little gal but then again, she is a terrier.

In her foster home, she is getting use to the cats. It appears she has never been around them before but she is learning to respect them. She is a little bossy and seems to view the most elderly canine in the household as a possible threat. Little bit of the “green monster” rears it’s ugly head but she has been responding well to correction. Her ideal forever home would be the only dog in the household as she loves the attention. No small children.





9 thoughts on “Macie

  1. Where is Macie ? may I meet her ? She is very cute ? Is she alright if you can’t take her with you always ? Does she like to walk ? What expense is involved in adopting ?


    • Call the shelter during normal business hours and a staff member will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.

  2. Hello….Is Macie still available for adoption? What is her size and weight?
    Thank you!

    • Yes, Macie is available. She is a small dog. Approx 15-20lbs but we can weigh her if you want to come in to see if she would be a good match for you.

      • I have Appt already in ..
        There are no children in my home I had a poodle : Lindsey she passed away May 7th,2015 and I’m about to lose it I NEED ANOTHER BABY ..PLEASE HELP ..ME

        MRS BAKER

  3. We had been together for 10 yrs

  4. Plradr let Mr know if you meet Mr tomorrow @11:00am with Marcie?

    Thank You !
    Mtd Cecilia Baker

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