Mickey2AUpdate: Mickey has been adopted.

This good looking boy is named Mickey. He is a one year old Shih Tzu Terrier mix. He was surrendered to the shelter because his owners were “traveling”. Mickey gets along with other dogs and is very friendly. If you would like to to meet Mickey and give him a forever home stop by the shelter during business hours. Mickey would love to meet you.

2 thoughts on “Mickey

  1. Would love to meet Mickey next week. What are your visitation hours? and address.
    Does Mickey get along with cats?…
    So upsetting to see these animals being surrendered because owners “traveling????”…

    Diane Lewis
    Vero Beach, FL

    • All the answers you’re looking for are found under the “contact” tab alone the top of the page. Mickey’s previous owners claimed he got along with cats but we have not independently verified this statement.

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