Update: Sandy has been adopted.

Sandy is an affectionate seven year old boy who is totally deaf. He was originally abandoned on the street by his owners in 2010. Miraculously, even though he was unable to hear traffic noises or predators which could have done him harm, he managed to survive long enough to be found and brought to Dogs & Cats Forever. He was adopted by a wonderful owner, but now she is ill and cannot care for him anymore.

Sandy needs a calm adult home with no other pets, and he must be kept indoors at all times. He meows loudly because he can’t hear himself, and he is afraid of the dark. Believe it or not, he likes to be vacuumed. He can’t hear the vacuum, and to him it feels like a massage!

Sandy is a very affectionate boy who should not spend his life in a shelter. He is available for permanent foster or adoption.

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