Spike2AUpdate: Spike has been adopted.

Spike is about an eight year old male teacup Yorkshire Terrier. He is small and loves to sleep. If you are looking for a new forever friend who promises not to eat too much, Spike may just be the dog you are looking for. Stop by the shelter during normal business hours and say hi to Spike.

One thought on “Spike

  1. I adopted spike !! And he is the love of my life .. He goes EVERYWHERE with me .. He has been to my vet and am opthalmologist for his eyes .. He is on meds 4 times a day .. When I adopted him , he was in sooo much pain and couldn’t open his eye .. He was on tramadol for the pain.. Good news is he isn’t in pain anymore so he is not the pain meds anymore .. He has a follow up with the specialist in about 2 weeks to see if he needs a new cornea or they meds helped his eyes enough ..
    I can’t thank you enough for blessing me and my family enough for him !!

    Thank you

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