Maxi was found as an injured stray by a friend of Dogs & Cats Forever.  She fostered him until he was  healthy and now he is ready for a  home.  Maxi is very affectionate and will even try to sit on  your shoulder (although he is a little too big for that).   He is very gentle and compliant about everything and would be an excellent companion for  adults or older kids in a semi-active home.




Polo is a five-year-old handsome housecat looking or a new start.  He lost his home because of a conflict with the family Chihuahua, so a home without other pets would be preferred.  Polo is talkative and affectionate and will make an excellent companion for a person of  any age.


george1Update: George has been adopted!

George is a big hunk of love (18 pounds) who loves to sit on your lap.   He is a senior boy who lived a home all of his life until his owner became ill.  He is very affectionate and sweet. Stop by the shelter and meet him, he’ll win you over.



Update: Pluto has been adopted!

Here we have Pluto. Pluto is a male Pit Bull Terrier who is just over four years old. Pluto is another special case, large breed dog who wants to go home with a loving family who understands large breed dogs and has the time and resources to allow Pluto to thrive.Pluto1

Pluto looks scary, doesn’t he? When I first met him, I thought to myself, wow! Just for starters this dog is large. He his also rock solid full on muscle. Pluto is very observant. What scares a lot of people about his type of dog is he will watch you. Pluto is very inquisitive and will follow you around with his eyes. Its almost un-nerving at first. I admit I was leery of him when I first met him.

Now that I know him, do you want to know something funny? Biggest baby I ever met! Now this doesn’t mean Pluto will be right for just anyone. He is still a large dog that needs proper training, patience from a calm assertive pack leader. Pluto desires exercise, discipline and love. Don’t misunderstand, Pluto isn’t a bad boy or out of control, he just needs the proper guidance.  Pluto will want to be the only dog in the family and no small children. He wouldn’t hurt kids, but he is big and likes to play, so small children wouldn’t be appropriate.

As scary as this dog looks, he will sit at your feet as shown. If you allow him he’ll also gingerly stand on his hind legs put his front paws on your chest, look you in the eyes and give you kisses in trade for scratches and hugs. Pluto is a huge lovable baby.

If you understand large breed type dogs and have the resources, time and space to take care of one, you should visit the shelter and let us introduce you to this guy. He would make an incredible pet to the right person or family.


Update: Frog has been adopted. Good luck Frog and have fun in your new home.

This good looking Boxer is named Frog. You’re probably wondering what kind of name is Frog for such a good looking Boxer. Frog was found abandoned on the side of the road in a torrential rain storm. The story goes he looked like a waterlogged and sad frog.

Frog2Frog is almost three years old. He’s a good and very lovable boy. In fact he was adopted out from our shelter last year, but his owner got sick and since Frog would love to get in her lap she couldn’t keep him any longer because it hurt her too much.

Frog came back, but if you’re looking for a great Boxer who is very affectionate he may be for you. Come meet him. Frog promises the slobber will be kept to a minimum.



Update: Sparky has been adopted. Good luck in your new home Sparky.

Sparky is very affectionate and a big time lover. He’ll come up to you and put his head in your lap and lay by you for hours.

If you want a forever friend that wont leave your side. Sparky may be it. Come in and see him, he wants to meet you.