Cooper & Milo



Cooper & Milo – 1 year old – male – bonded pair – Dachshund/Chi

YES!  We are super adorable and playful.  After about five minutes will give you kisses in the face.  Have you seen a cuter pair?  I mean a bonded pair?  These two need to leave together…two is better than one.  They are the perfect size.  This dynamic duo will give you love for years to come.  Please consider adopting Cooper and Milo.


Milo and Otis



Update: Milo and Otis have been adopted.

Milo and Otis are six year old Maine Coon mixed brothers who are in need of a home together.  They are very handsome and sweet but require brushing to maintain their coats in good condition. They are used to living in a home and are very sad to be at the shelter.