Luna is an eleven year old  Persian mix who is sweet a can be.  She is a tiny, talkative gal who ha been  a house cat all her life.  She gets along-with other cats and loves attention from people.  Meet her and fall in love!


Sophie Winter

Sophie Winter is a one year old pitbull with a terrific personality with a lot of spunk.  She is beautiful but needs some training, very people oriented and will make a great pet.  She will require a fenced yard.   Sophie Winter is good with other dogs and kids.  Cats unknown.  Originally came in as a stray but definitely had a family at one time.  Very Sweet.


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nettiexCSC_0618 Nettie is a five month old girl who was trapped in a fishing net for two days before she was freed by a Good Samaritan.  She is understandably a little shy but is getting more comfortable every day. She needs a quiet home with people who can build her confidence, help her to trust and be the sweet companion she would love to be.

 Great news!   My adoption fee has been paid by my Guardian Angel




Chase is a male Terrier with a lot of energy.  Chase is about one year old and is very active.  He will be the dominant dog but does get along with dogs his own size.  He is also good with children.  If you are looking for a terrier with some energy and in need of a bit of training, this doll is for you.  He is one of the cutest pups ever.  Stop by and ask for Chase.



Fria is a solid white declawed beauty who was found as a stray. She is affectionate but very uncomfortable at the shelter so it would be better if she were the only cat in the household. She is estimated to be about 5 or 6 years old. Fria needs a quiet adult home with lots of TLC. Because she occasionally needs a steroid shot and low fat diet, she is available for permanent foster a well as adoption


Can the smile get any bigger?  Please meet Maise, she is a six year old Japanese Chin.  She has just arrived at the shelter but is a very happy well natured dog and is making her rounds to meet everyone.  She is darling.  Maise is good with other dogs and cats.  She’s waiting for you!image

Mr. Jingles


Mr. Jingles is a six year old male Chihuahua. He gets along with cats and other dogs his size. Mr. Jingles thats a bit to warm up and trust someone new but once he does he is very friendly and affectionate. If you’re looking for a smaller forever friend Mr. Jingles may be the dog you are looking for.



jade1Update: Jade has been adopted.

Jade is a six month old girl who loves to cuddle. She came to the shelter because her owner could not care for her. She loves to play, but her favorite place to be is in your lap. Jade is a very small cat who will probably be kitten-size even when she is all grown up



brady2AUpdate: Brady has been adopted.

Brady is an active nine month old who loves to talk. He is playful and social with people of all ages and with other cats. He was originally found as a stray but was obliviously a house pet at one time. Brady is charming boy who can’t wait to meet you



Siren came to us when her owner dumped her in the parking lot of the shelter. She was pregnant at the time and soon gave birth to four beautiful kittens. Siren only a year old and she loves to play and act like the kitten that she still is. She is very affectionate with people and would do best in an active home.  She prefers being an only cat.f



Daisey3AUpdate: Daisy has been adopted.

This cute girl is named Daisy. Daisy is a two year old Beagle. She is very friendly and gets along with other dogs her size and people of all ages. Daisy is looking for an active family that can give her plenty of attention and love. If you’re looking for a new forever friend there is no better all American breed then a beagle. Stop by the shelter and let Daisy win you over.



This good looking boy is named Hugo. Hugo is a six year old Jack Russell mix. Hugo gets along with other dogs his size and people of all ages. Cats not so much. If you’re looking for a very smart and active forever friend Hugo may be the dog you are looking for. Stop by the shelter and say hello.



Tank is a twelve month old hound mix male. He is very friendly and loves to play. Tank is going to grow into a large dog and will need lots of exercise and training.  If you are looking for a young dog that will be your forever friends for many years to come Tank may be the dog for you. Stop by the shelter and say hi, Tank would love to meet you.




Shyloh1Update: Shyloh has been adopted.

Shyloh is a three month old Maltese and Poodle Mix. He is very friendly and very active, Shyloh will need a home with lots of stimulation and exercise. Shyloh is not housebroken either so will need a fair amount of training and patience. If you’re looking for a cute furry friend Shyloh may be the dog for you.



Joanie1Update: Joanie has been adopted.

This little girl is named Joanie. She is young and very active. We think she is two years old or less and a Fox Terrier mix. She seems to get along with other dogs her size. If you’re looking for a new forever friend, Joanie would love to meet you.



This young fella is named Chachi. He is about a two year old Chihuahua and seems to get along with other dogs his size. If you’re looking for a new smaller forever friend then Chachi may be the dog for you.



muffin1Update: Muffin has been adopted.

Muffin is a one year old sweetie who came to the shelter with a litter of kittens. Of course, her babies have all found homes, and now Muffin is waiting for someone to give her the same opportunity. She is smart and affectionate and would be happiest in a semi-active home with adults or older kids.