TDP_3056o9c0414-copy-1-913x288Great news! Hawthorne’s adoption fee has been prepaid by a Guardian Angel

Hawthorne is a young cat who has tested positive for the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (also called FIV or feline AIDS). He was rescued after being dumped at a local park. He is a sweet and loving boy who was obviously a house pet as a kitten, but as so often happens, was no longer wanted after he grew into a cat.

Hawthorne would be perfect for a family of any age. He has no special medical needs, and will live a normal lifespan. He should be an only cat or live in a home with other FIV+ cats, as FIV is contagious to other cats in certain circumstances. FIV IS A CATS-ONLY VIRUS AND CANNOT AFFECT PEOPLE OR DOGS.

Hawthorne has lots of love to give and he wants to give it all to you!


arizona1Update: Arizona has been adopted.

Arizona is a long-haired young frontal declawed girl who was found outside as a stray. She is an extremely sweet lap cat and likes to be held. She would be happy in a home with adults or older kids who will make sure that she never goes outside, as she has no claws and no defence against predators.



Bojangles was trapped accidentally by shelter staff who were trying to capture another cat which had run away from her home. Bojangles had scars from many fights with other unneutered male cats and, sadly, tested positive for the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). Now that he has been neutered and has been at the shelter for two months, he is looking-and feeling-much better, and staff and volunteers love his sweet personality. Bojangles never had a real home, but we are sure he would love a chance to be part of a loving family. Because he is FIV+ he must be an only cat or with other cats who are FIV+ also.

Great News! Bojangles’ adoption fee has been paid by a GuardianAngel



harpo2….and then there was one

When three-month-olds Groucho, Harpo, and Chico arrived at the shelter seven years ago,they were very shy around people. Groucho became friendly soon afterward, and was adopted. His brother, Chico, and sister, Harpo, spent the next six years cuddling together and avoiding people. A few months ago, Chico started to trust his caregivers and found out that he liked to be petted. He was adopted after spending seven years at the shelter and is dong well in his new home.

Now that Chico is gone, Harpo has suddenly started to become friendly and looks forward to being petted. She has been at the shelter long enough. She needs someone who will give her whatever time is necessary to acclimate to a real home. She would do well with other cats who are non-aggressive like herself.

If you have room for another kitty and the patience to let her be herself, consider Harpo.

Mister Mister


Update: Mister Mister has found a home!

Mister Mister is a seven year old Manx boy who loves people. He is very affectionate and will lie on your feet and rub on your legs. He is used to being an only cat so he prefers to be the only feline in your life, but he has lived with dogs all his life. He is available for permanent foster care as well as adoption



Lily1Update: Lily has been adopted.

Lily is a six year old beauty who is frontal declawed. She was surrendered by her owner because the other cats in the household were picking on her. She is super sweet and likes to be held and handled. She needs a quiet home with someone who will give her all the love she has missed throughout the years.



Maynard1Update: Maynard has been adopted.

Maynard is a handsome and extremely friendly eight-year-old who lived with his former owner all of his life. She unfortunately moved into a condo where cats were not allowed, and although she successfully hid him for a time, a nosy neighbor saw him and turned him in. He is very sweet and has a great personality with people of all ages and with other cats too.



Dorothy1AUpdate: Dorothy has been adopted.

Dorothy is a beautiful longhaired declawed girl who was returned to the shelter after eight yeas with the same family. Her owner could no longer care for her so she is ready for a new start. She is very calm and loves to be loved. She needs a quiet home with lots of TLC

Big Mac

BigMac1AUpdate: Big Mac has been adopted.

Big Mac is a young handsome boy who is right at home in any situation. He likes people and gets along with other cats. He would be happy with an active family of adults and older kids. He loves to bird-watch on the screened enclosure at the shelter, so a home with a screen room or lanai is preferred.



renata1Update: Renata has been adopted.

Renata is a middle aged beauty who was adopted from us in 2010. Her owner had to go into assisted living, so Renata is looking for another special someone to love. She is very sweet but needs a quiet home with no other animals.



Katie1Update: Katie has been adopted.

Katie is a sweet, one-year-old Calico girl who came to us with a litter of kittens. She is very friendly with people and would make an excellent companion in a semi active home. She is ready for a good life and waiting to meet you.


Lydia2AUpdate: Lydia has been adopted.

Lydia is a young longhaired solid white beauty who needs a quiet adult home. She is good with other cts and was even in foster care with small dogs, but she is frightened by loud noises and would be best in a calm home with middle aged to older adults.



Prince is a handsome two-year-old boy who arrived at the shelter with his siblings, Harper and Hailey. he is very social with other cats and he likes people. He would be happiest in a calm home with another cat.

Great news! Prince’s adoption fee has been paid by his Guardian Angel.




hailey1Update: Harper has been adopted.

Harper is a handsome seven-month-old boy who arrived at the shelter with his twin brother Prince, and sister Hailey. Both he and Prince are very sweet and love human interaction. They both love other cats, so they could go home together or separately-or with their sister. This sweet boy needs a home soon!


oliver2AUpdate: Oliver has been adopted.

Oliver is a handsome four-year-old boy who was adopted from Dogs & Cats Forever when he was a kitten. Sadly, when his adoptive parents went their separate ways, he was sent to a county shelter. Fortunately, he had a microchip which identified him as a D&C Forever cat, and was returned to our care. He is one of the sweetest boys at the shelter and he is just waiting to meet a family who will take him home and love him. He is good with people of all ages and other cats. Don’t make this sweet boy wait another day for a new home.



Sly1Update: Sly has been adopted.

Sly was found hiding on an abandoned property, and it is obvious from his sweet demeanor that he was someone’s pet at one time. He is only two years old and while he is adjusting well to shelter life, he would be even better in a home of his own with a family to love.



Marvin1Update: Marvin has been adopted.

Marvin is a friendly two-year-old who lost his home when his owner moved. He is very good with other cats and loves attention. When he arrived, he was missing most of his fur because of a flea allergy, but now, his hair has grown back and he looks “Marvelous.” Meet this sweet boy and give him a chance for a loving home.

Joker and Batman


Joker_and_Batman1AUpdate: Batman and Joker have been adopted.

Holy cats-its Batman and Joker!

This dynamic duo was adopted last year but their owner passed away and they are looking for another home where they can stay together. They are eighteen months old and are very affectionate with people and each other. They would be happiest in a semi-active home with adults or older kids.


dilbert2AUpdate: Dilbert has been adopted.

Dilbert is a one-year-old-sweetie pie who has been at he shelter for more than six months. He is good with people of all ages and has a wonderful temperament. He likes other cats and actually has a twin brother (Digby) who needs a home also. The pair could be adopted together or separately.

Snow White


Update: Snow White has been adopted.

I love people and I’m never Bashful or Grumpy. When I’m Sleepy, I’ll curl up on your lap. I wasn’t Sneezy, but I saw the Doc and he said I’m young . You’d be Dopey not to like me, because I promise I’ll make you Happy.

Slim Jim


slimjim1Update: SlimJim has been adopted.

You can call me Slim…or you can call me Jim..or you can call me Slim Jim. Just don’t call me late for dinner.

I was a lost cat (even though I seem impossible to lose) but I found my way to Dogs & Cats Forever. I’m very sweet and loving and I have perfect manners. I get along with other cats and people of all ages. Find me and you will be the lucky one.



libby2Libby is a sweetie pie who was transferred from a closed-down no kill shelter. She is extremely friendly and loving. She was housed with a black and white male cat named Amos who is very friendly as well. They could be adopted separately but would be happier together. For someone who wants both, there would be a special price.



Amos2Amos is a love bug who was transferred from a closed-down no kill shelter. He is extremely social and friendly. He was housed with a black and white female cat named Libby who is very friendly as well. They could be adopted separately but would be happier together. For someone who wants both, there would be a special price.



Chico1Update: Chico has been adopted.

Chico is a six year old boy who has lived at the shelter all of his life. Although he was shy around people for several years, he has recently decided to trust people and he has become very affectionate and sweet.  Chico would make a great companion in a calm adult household. All he needs is a chance.

Sweetie Pie


sweetie_pie1Update: Sweetie Pie has been adopted.

Eight year old Sweetie Pie lost her home when her owner became ill and she ran out the house when emergency personnel arrived. She lived outside for a month until neighbors could coax her into their screen porch. After she was rescued it was found that she had been shot with a BB gun while she was outside.She is fully recovered and in excellent health. She needs a calm, dog-free home with adults where she can return to her life as a housecat.