Zoe, Nike, Spartacus

Zoe, the mother, is still available for adoption and patiently awaiting her forever home, too.

Update: Great news! Nike and Spartacus have been adopted by very loving families. Zoe the mother is still available and patiently waiting for her forever home too.

Three very special cats are looking for special homes


Zoe arrived at the shelter only days away from delivering a litter of six kittens.  Sadly, all but two passed away shortly after they were born.  Nike, a black and white boy was normal, but his brother, Spartacus, was born with contracted tendons in his front legs.  His legs were bent inward and he walked on his elbows.

At four weeks, he was too small for surgery, and  veterinarians predicted that as he grew, he would become too heavy to walk on his weakened front legs. They suggested that euthanasia would eventually be the only choice for him.

Fortunately, his foster mom researched his condition online and tried a treatment that had been successful in some cases.  She warmed his legs with a heating pad, massaged them, and put them in lightweight cardboard splints held in place with bandages. She performed the treatments several times a day for weeks.  Miraculously, the treatments began to work.  Spartacus began to walk normally, and now, plays with Nike and Zoe like a normal kitten.

Nike and Spartacus are now six months old, and it is time for the boys and Zoe to find forever homes.  Of course it would be wonderful if they could be adopted together, but it is more important that each of these special cats find a home-whether together or separately-where they can be loved and cared for.

See the YouTube video showing how Spartacus learned to walk  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6A1y7iaEWA

To read more about Spartacus, visit his Facebook  site at  https://www.facebook.com/thekittenspartacus

Zoe, Nike, and Spartacus can be seen by appointment at their foster home.  Please e mail  Andrea at memphis1252@aol.com or Martina at martina.engdahl@gmail.com to meet these special kitties.


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