Callie Is it one year old girl who not only raised her own litter of six kittens, but was also the surrogate mother of seven more. She is a very sweet and tolerant girl who would be great with a family with no other pets.

Mother of the year – That’s me and I can be all yours!

I am a beautiful, one-year-old calico girl who raised six beautiful kittens and then helped out by feeding and caring for seven newborns who were found abandoned. I am happy to say that I have given up motherhood altogether and I’m now looking for a home where I can be someone’s special baby. I’m very sweet and loving but I can be a bit bossy so I’d like to have a home with no other pets. I know that when you meet me, you will fall in love with me. So don’t wait! Meet me today and take me home.

Great news,,My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.

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