Guardian Angel Program

What is the Guardian Angel Program?

The Guardian Angel Program allows individuals, groups and businesses to prepay the adoption fee of one (or more!) of the cats or kittens up for adoption through our organization. Not everyone has the time or the space to take in another cat, but when you pay an adoption fee, you are helping to build the bridge between a homeless cat and their new family. Many of our adopters have even chosen to pay it forward, by prepaying another cat’s adoption fee when they adopt a cat that was already sponsored. Cats that have had their adoption fees paid for will have a guardian angel sticker with their name on the door to their room, and in their profile on our website.

Giving the cats away for free? How do we know they’re going to good homes?

The only difference between adopting a cat that has been sponsored, as opposed to a cat that has not been, is the fee. Our adoption policy, contract and requirements still apply to potential adopters interested in sponsored cats. We still have the right to turn down any adoption application, even on a cat that is ‘free’. 

What is the cost?

Most of our cats and kittens have a $90 adoption fee.

Senior cats have a $45 adoption fee.

How can I become a Guardian Angel for a cat in need?

  • Come to our facility located at 4600 Selvitz Rd in Fort Pierce during our business hours. Meet our wonderful felines, choose one that you would like to sponsor and let us know you’d like to become a cat’s guardian angel.
  • Come to one of our petsmart locations (Vero Beach or Port St. Lucie) and choose a cat on display to sponsor. If one of our volunteers is not there at that time, please let PetSmart’s staff know that you would like to pay the adoption fee of one of our cats; they would be more than happy to assist you.
  • or browse the cats on our site to find one you would like to sponsor. Call our shelter at 772-489-5454 and select option 2 for cats so we can take your credit card over the phone. If we can’t answer you right away, please leave a message letting us know you’d like to pay the adoption fee for a cat, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We appreciate your generosity. Thank you for helping us place our cats in forever homes!

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