Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. is a no-kill, limited intake shelter. Animals in our facility forever have a home with us until they are adopted. Unfortunately there are many more animals needing to be surrendered than there are being adopted; therefore, we can only take animals in as space in our facility becomes available. We accept surrenders BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. (With the exception of animals previously adopted from our shelter needing to be returned, as we contractually require that they are returned to us. Animals said to be from us will be scanned for our microchip upon arrival.) Appointments are not guaranteed to every caller and will only be made if space permits the intake of your pet. We suggest calling days/weeks prior to the day you wish to surrender, waiting until the day you need to surrender a pet will make it very unlikely for an appointment to be able to be scheduled.


1. Call our shelter at 772-489-5454. Our volunteers’ goal is to take your call during our business hours, however calls may be missed as we are very busy caring for our furry friends.

2. If we can’t answer you right away, please leave a message with the following information so we can get back to you and let you know if we can or cannot take in your pet. We will try to call you back by the end of that same day.

  • Type of pet (dog, cat, etc)
  • Breed & approximate weight
  • Age
  • Reason for surrendering
  • Where did the animal originally come from (a shelter? if so please name the shelter, a neighbor?, etc.)
  • Time frame in which you have to surrender your pet

3. If you receive an appointment, please record the name of the employee you spoke to, along with the date and time of the phone call. Bring this information with you. Appointments must match our records in order for your pet to be accepted.