Sadie is an eleven year old female jack Russell mix dog. In her advanced age she doesn’t tolerate kids, other dogs, or cats but one on one with her human she is very loving and affectionate. If you have no other pets or small children Sadie may be the dog for you. She is still spry and full of energy for her age. Stop by the shelter and meet Sadie, she would love to see you.


Dahli1Update: Dahli has been adopted.

This sweet girl is named Dahli. She is an eleven and a half year old female Beagle mix. She is very lovable with lots of spunk left in her. If you would like a sweet senior dog stop by the shelter and say hello to Dahli.


Cody1AUpdate: Cody has been adopted.

This fella’s name is Cody. Cody is a male AKC Brussels Griffon. Cody is an eleven year old dog. Don’t let the age fool you though. Cody is still full of fire and is very spry for his age. Small dogs such as Cody can easily live to eighteen plus years when in excellent heath just as Cody.

If you’re looking for an awesome little lap buddy who would love to find a new forever home then stop by the shelter and meet Cody.


Update: Callie has been adopted.

Callie is an eleven year old calico girl who is declawed on all four feet.  She lost her home when her family had to move and could not take her along.  She has been in the same home all of her life and she would be happiest in a quiet adult home. She is available for adoption or permanent foster.callie1

Chloe and Mozart

chloe_and_mozart1Update: Chloe and Mozart have been adopted.

Chloe (the dilute tortioseshell calico) and Mozart (the orange tabby) are two housemates who need a home together. Chloe is six and Mozart is eleven year old.  They sit together and sleep together all the time, and they even groom each other. They would be very unhappy if they were apart.  Please take them home together.