YinYin is the other half of Yang whom has already been adopted. Yin is a six year old female American Bulldog and Hound Mix. She would do well in an adult home with no other pets. If you are looking for a new best friend, stop by the shelter during business hours and say hello to Yin. She would love to meet you.



Baba is a male Pit Bull Terrier and is about six years old. Baba is shy and afraid in the shelter.  Baba would do well with a fenced in yard and a home with no small children or other pets. Baba has been working with a dog trainer while at the shelter and is learning to walk nicely on a leash.  He is such a love and it’s time that he find his forever family.




imageLucille was abandoned in a Port St. Lucie neighborhood after her owners moved away and left her.  She is about two years old and although she is not completely comfortable with other cats, she is getting more social with other felines. She is good with people and would be a great cat for an active family.



Great news! Casino’s adoption fee has been prepaid by a Guardian Angel

Casino is a two year old tabby with beautiful markings. He is very sweet but somewhat timid, so a quiet adult home would be best. He was found behind a local casino (hence the name) and it is a sure bet that he would make a great companion in a home of his own.

Take a chance-meet Casino today



Marvin1Update: Marvin has been adopted.

Marvin is a friendly two-year-old who lost his home when his owner moved. He is very good with other cats and loves attention. When he arrived, he was missing most of his fur because of a flea allergy, but now, his hair has grown back and he looks “Marvelous.” Meet this sweet boy and give him a chance for a loving home.


isabella1Update: Isabella has been adopted.

Isabella is a two year old longhaired tortie who is used to having a lot of attention from her humans. She originally left us as a kitten, but was returned when her family could no longer care for her. She is not only beautiful, but she also is sweet and friendly. She lived in a home with kids and would love nothing better than to be a pampered princess once again.



lipstick1Update: Lipstick has been adopted.

Lipstick is a cute two-year-old bobtail beauty who likes to play. She is very small and looks like a kitten herself. She gets along with other cats but is cautious around dogs. She would be happiest in an active adult home.



Update: Tara has been adopted.

Tara is a two year old beauty who lost her home when both of her owners passed away. She is very loving and people-friendly but would be best as an only cat. In her former home, she lived with two small dogs. She is a lap cat and enjoys human attention.



Honeybun1Update: Honeybun has been adopted.

Honeybun is a two year old lap cat. She is very cuddly and sweet and would love to spend her time being close to you. She gets along with other cats and loves people of all ages.



Pixie1Update: Pixie has been adopted.

Pixie was left in a cat carrier by the side of a busy highway because her owner did not want her anymore. She is a very sweet and easygoing two-year-old. She has a very unusual calico coat with beautiful blue eyes. She needs to lose a few pounds and for that reason she is available for permanent foster as well as adoption.  She has a very unusual calico coat with beautiful blue eyes.  She would love a quiet adult home.



Update: Jazzy has been adopted.

Jazzy is a two year old  sweetie who lived in a home with other cats and children.  She is very playful and inquisitive and would love a household where she could be treated like a princess.


jenga1Update: Jenga has been adopted.

Jenga is a two year old house cat who  loves attention.  She is very good with adults and children, but  prefers a home with no other pets. She dislikes shelter life and would be very happy to go to a permanent home as soon as possible.



penny1Update: Penny has been adopted.

Penny is a two year old girl who was kept in a cage all her life by a hoarder.  She is learning to trust humans and is very receptive to petting and love  .  She would do best in a quiet adult home.

Tutti Frutti

Tutti_Frutti1Update: Tutti Fruitti has been adopted.

Tutti Frutti’s owners were Elvis fans, so they named her after one of his songs.  Tutti is a very sweet and loving  two-year-old girl who was a housecat all her life until both her owners tragically passed away.  She needs to get back into a home as soon as possible.  She gets along with cats, dogs, and people of all ages.



Update: Zira has been adopted.

Zira is a two year old female who was one of our surrogate mothers last spring.  When she was finished nursing her five kittens, she gladly accepted three orphaned kittens and nursed them as well.  She is very sweet and was obviously someone’s pet before she came to us, but was abandoned when she became pregnant. Zira is often overlooked because of her color and her small size but once you pet her, she is very affectionate.


Isis1Update: Isis has been adopted.

Isis is a two year old Siamese mix with lovely blue eyes amd a sweet disposition.  She gets along with other cats and people of all ages. Stop by the shelter and meet Isis, she would love to see you.


Andrew is a two year old boy who is positive for feline immunodeficiency virus, or FIV. He is very docile and loving, and he would be perfect in a home with no other cats or with other cats who also have FIV. With indoor care, cats with FIV can have a normal lifespan in good health. Andrew would be a perfect fit with a family of any age. He is available for permanent foster as well as adoption.