This is Jax and he is a six years old. Jax is an Australian Cattle Dog and Blue Heeler.

Jax is a great dog for an active family. Jax would do well in an environment where he has lots of exercise or a specific job to do. He’s very smart and loyal but needs stimulation. Jax likes to herd and he uses his mouth to pull you somewhere to show you something. Small children probably are not a good fit but as long as you understand how Jax operates and behaves you will quickly learn Jax is an awesome dog and very very smart. Come to the shelter and meet him and you will see for yourself.

Charlie and Lucy





Update: Charlie and Lucy have been adopted.

Charlie and Lucy are three and a half year old male and female Terrier mixes. They have been together all their lives and get along well with each other. Charlie and Lucy have pleasant dispositions and would love to find a new forever home soon. If you are looking for a loving pair of new friends then stop by the shelter during normal business hours and meet Charlie and Lucy.




Tommie, Ollie, Ernie

Update: Tommie, Ernie and Ollie have been adopted.

Tommie, Ollie and Ernie were all housemates.  They  were all very much loved in their former home, but circumstances changed and they are now homeless.  They are house-cats who are used to the love and affection of a real home.  They could be adopted together or separately. They are good with both cats and dogs, and they love people.Tommie1

Tommie is a five year old boy who needs a special family.  Tommie became overweight at this former home, and needs someone who can help him gradually lose weight.  He also needs one pill per day which he has no problem taking.  He lost his forever home a few weeks ago and needs to get back into a home as soon as possible. He is available for adoption or permanent foster, which means that Dogs & Cats will provide his medication and special food to help him lose weight.  He gets along great with cats and dogs, but would do best in a home where his food can be monitored.
Ollie is a middle-aged longhaired boy with a fabulous personality.  He likes everyone he meets and gets along with both dogs and cats. He lost his forever home a few weeks ago and is looking to make someone very happy. He is a sweet boy with lots of love to give. He is a large cat, and it would be best if he could have a home where his food could be monitored and he could lose a little weight.
Ernie is a handsome and gentle three-year-old who gets along with both cats and dogs. He  lost his home a few weeks ago and is very sad at the shelter.  He originally came to Dogs & Cats as an infant after being hit by a lawnmower .  He was very happy in his former home and can’t wait to have a real home again soon.


Gabriel1Update: Gabe has been adopted! Good Luck buddy, and leave the cats alone!

This little guy is named Gabriel. He is a three and a half year old Corgi and Carolina Dog mix.

Gabriel has been working with our trainer for some aggression issues towards other dogs and he is making great progress.

Alone without other dogs, Gabriel is the sweetest dog and very affectionate. So if you are looking for a new pet and you have no other animals in the house Gabriel would be a great fit in your home.

If you want to be a good Alpha pack leader for Gabriel to follow and learn from, he’d love to meet you.


Shaq2Update: Shaq has been adopted. Good Luck in your forever home buddy.

Shaq is a three and a half year old male Boxer mix with a very happy go lucky attitude. He gets along with other dogs and would make a great pet in an active home.

If you have experience with Boxers or other large breed dogs and don’t mind lots of slobbery kisses Shaq may be a dog for you.



Update: Shelby went into Foster Care. Good luck Shelby!

This good looking girl is named Shelby. She is about three and half years old and part Shepherd, part Terrier, and part Border Collie and part every other dog. She is a real Heinz 57, or 48, or 32.

Anyway, Shelby is shy but very kind and affectionate. She would probably do well in an adult home without small children.

If you want to meet Shelby stop by the shelter, she would love to meet you.