Mimi is an eight year old female Boxer and Beagle Mix. She is very high energy and loves to run around. A fenced in yard would be a bonus but lots of walks and exercise on a leash could also suffice. Mimi knows basic commands such as sit and stay. She is also house broken. She gets along with other dogs, kids but likes to bark and chase cats.  Mimi likes to swim and play in the pool.

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Zoe is a three-year-old girl who has been at the shelter for more than a year. She is very sweet and quiet-so much so that she never gets noticed by potential adopters-and would make a wonderful companion for an older person in a semi-active home.

Olivia and Oliver

OliverUpdate: Oliver and Olivia have been adopted.

Oliver and Olivia are a three-year-old brother/sister pair who need a home together. Oliver is a confident Lilac Point boy and Olivia is a shy but sweet Seal Point girl. They have been house cats all of their lives and would love to have a home again soon. Olivia is very dependent on Oliver so they must find a home together.



Casper1Update: Casper has been adopted.

Casper is a sweet girl who lost her home when her owner passed away.  She is only three years old and needs to get back in a real home as soon as possible, as the noise at the shelter frightens her.  She would be happiest in a calm adult home.


dinah1Update: Dinah has been adopted.

Dinah was abandoned in a cat carrier in front of our Thrift Store.  She was infested with fleas and missing hair. She is declawed on all four feet and the vet estimated her age at 2-3.  She needs a quiet home where she can be treated like a princess.  She is very sweet but is easily intimidated by assertive cats or dogs, so she would be happiest in a home with no other animals or with very submissive animals.


Taj1Update: Taj has been adopted.

Taj (which means beautiful) is a three year old Siamese mixed girl who needs a very quiet adult home.  She is affectionate and loving, but she would be happiest in a home with no other animals as she is easily intimidated by others.

George II

george_II1Update: George II has been adopted.

George II is a three year old declawed boy who was surrendered with his housemate Stinker.  He is a little shy at first but is getting used to shelter life.  He was surrendered because he lived where cats were not allowed.


  1. IMG_20170530_172115CSC_0259

Suki is a seven year old black beauty who is looking for a  calm adult home.  She is playful but likes her quiet time, too.  She would be a great addition to a family of any age. Suki must be an only cat , but she is super affectionate and is a LAP CAT

Great news!   My adoption fee has been paid by my Guardian Angel

Fat Cat

Update: Fat Cat has been adopted.
Fat Cat is a three year old Tabby male who was left in an empty house when his owner died. He was given the name when he was rescued because he was very thin. Now he is looking good. Come to the shelter and meet him. He’s looking for a forever home.fatcat1