Honey is a five and a half year old female Scottie Mix. She is very particular about the people she allows to get close to her. Once she trusts you she is very affectionate. Honey would do best as an only pet without any children in the house. If you are looking for a new forever friend Honey may be the dog for you.


Dre1Dre is almost a five and a half year old male Pit Bull Terrier. Once he gets to know you he is very friendly and lovable. He would do good in a dog only home without other pets, cats or very small children. Dre knows his basic commands such as down and sit. He can even shake your hand. If you’re looking for a very hearty dog with a lots of heart Dre may be the dog for you.


Suzy Q


Suzy_Q1Update: Suzy Q has been adopted.

Suzy Q was abandoned at a vet’s office by her owner who arrived with her in the trunk of his car. She is around 5 years old and is extremely sweet. She likes to be picked up and held and she gets along with other cats. She has great house manners and would be a perfect addition to a family of any age.



Saber is a young adult who is very sweet and handsome. He was dumped behind a Port St Lucie grocery store, and at first he was very cautious. He is quite a talker, however when he gets to know, you and he truly loves to be petted. He would do best in a quiet adult home where he could feel safe an loved.



Update: Sarah has been adopted.

Sarah is a five year old declawed girl who loves to be petted. She was a house cat all of her life, but her owner could no longer care for her. She gets along well with other cats and loves people of all ages.



bubba1Update: Bubba has been adopted.

Bubba is a five year old declawed black beauty who was abandoned by his owners. He recently was fostered with another cat, but is easily intimidated by other felines, so he needs a home where he is the only pet. He is very sweet and gentle, and would prefer a quiet adult home.


oscar1Update: Oscar has been adopted.

Oscar is a five year old buff and white boy who arrived at the shelter with his twin brother Charlie. He is a very sweet boy who has been a housecat all of his life. He would love to have a home with his brother and would be a wonderful companion for a family of any age. He is used to living with cats, dogs, birds, and bunnies.



Update: Sonny has been adopted.

Sonny is a five year old orange and white Hemingway (extra toes) cat.  He is a very large boy and would need to be placed on a diet which would allow him to lose weight slowly. he also has a heart murmur.  For this reason, he is available for permanent foster.  He has been a housecat all of his life, and would love to have a quiet home again soon.

Charlie and Oscar

charlie_oscar1Update: Charlie and Oscar have been adopted.

Charlie and Oscar are handsome five year old twin brothers who lost the home they had lived in all of their lives.  Charlie is a polydactyl (Hemingway). They are very sweet and it would be great if they could go home together They have lived with birds bunnies and boxers.



Simon is a five year old boy who needs a permanent  foster home.  He is on a special diet-which the shelter would provide. Simon would do best if he were the only pet in the household, and he would be happiest in a quiet adult home.


Saphire1Update: Sapphire has been adopted.

Sapphire is a five year old solid black girl who lost her home after her owner passed away.  She was originally rescued by Dogs & Cats Forever from Tenth Life Sanctuary-a closed down Clewiston shelter in 2009. Although she had been severely neglected at the Clewiston shelter, she is a happy and loving cat.


Update: Elvis has been adopted and LEFT THE BUILDING!
Elvis is a five year old hunk of love who can’t help falling in love with you.  Ever since he lost his home, he’s been in Heartbreak Hotel. Elvis would do well in a dog free home as he is scared of dogs.  Don’t be cruel adopt Elvis today.Elvis2A


irishxIrish is a five year old Flame Point Siamese mix who would be happiest as an only cat in an adult home.  He likes one-on -one contact and would love a spot on your windowsill or sofa

Great News! Irish’s adoption fee has been paid by a Guardian Angel