Mya was found as a stray in the summer of 2014, and brought to Dogs & Cats Forever No-Kill Shelter in Fort Pierce, FL. She had mange and was put on several medications by a veterinarian, but sadly, she had an allergic reaction to her medications,and developed an autoimmune response to her meds. She has been to specialists in Stuart, West Palm Beach, and Gainesville, at the University of Florida. She is slowly getting better but has run up more than $5,000.00 in vet bills and medication costs. Her vets say that it could take more than a year for her to recover fully. Mya is only a year old and has a wonderful personality despite being in and out of clinics and given medicine almost nonstop.
Mya needs veterinary care for many months to come, and while Dogs & Cats Forever is currently responsible for her care, we are a private animal shelter which receives no financial assistance from local government, and we need help to pay her bills. Please help Mya get better so she can one day find a forever home.




imageLuke is a 6 month old border collie / lab puppy.  Of course he is adorable!  He has a lot of energy and requires a fenced yard.  Luke would do best with an active family that will spend time with him and also take home to dog training so that he can learn the basics.



jade1Update: Jade has been adopted.

Jade is a six month old girl who loves to cuddle. She came to the shelter because her owner could not care for her. She loves to play, but her favorite place to be is in your lap. Jade is a very small cat who will probably be kitten-size even when she is all grown up



Tank is a twelve month old hound mix male. He is very friendly and loves to play. Tank is going to grow into a large dog and will need lots of exercise and training.  If you are looking for a young dog that will be your forever friends for many years to come Tank may be the dog for you. Stop by the shelter and say hi, Tank would love to meet you.




Boogie1Update: Boogie has been adopted.


Boogie is friendly six-month old who was found on his own outside. When we tested him, we found that he was positive for FIV,also called feline AIDS.
Cats with FIV can have normal life spans if kept indoors, so what this means for Boogie is that if he is not adopted, he will spend the next 10-15 years at the shelter.
He is not contagious to people, or dogs and he is only contagious to other cats if he fights with them or bites them. He is not contagious to other FIV positive cats.
Boogie needs a real home. Please give him a chance



Update: Marley has been adopted.

Marley is a six month old male Jack Russell and Terrier mix dog. He is full of spunk and love to run and play. Marley also gets along well with similar sized dogs. If you are looking for a younger new forever friend Marley may just be the dog for you. Stop by the shelter and say Hello. Marley would love to meet you.





Lucy2BUpdate: Lucy has been adopted.

Lucy is a six month old female Jack Russell and Terrier mix dog. She is very active and moves like lightning so no couch potatoes here. She has a very pleasant disposition and would love to find a forever home soon. Lucy gets along well with other dogs her size as well.




Update: Lexie has been adopted!

This cute puppy is named Lexie. She was found stray in Port Saint Lucie and will be available for adoption after 9/6/2014. Lexie is a shepherd mix and we estimate her age to be six months or less.

Lexie has a sweet disposition and is extremely well mannered for her age. If you are looking for a new forever friend Lexie may just be the dog for you. Stop by the shelter and say hello to Lexie, she would love to meet you.


Warning Lexie still has puppy breath!



Juno1Update: Juno has been adopted.

Juno is a six month old female hound mix. She found her way to the shelter when she was abandoned buy some careless people who didn’t want to look after her. As you can see Juno has a bad case of Demodex mange and rather emaciated. We are treating her for both conditions and in no time Juno will be a beautiful dog both inside and out. She has a pleasant disposition and gets along well with other dogs her size. If you would like to help Juno in her recovery call or stop by the shelter during normal business hours and a staff member will be happy to assist you.

Teddy and Cuddles

teddy_cuddles1Update: Teddy and Cuddles have been adopted.

Cuddles is a six month old Siamese mix kitten and Teddy is her older brother. According to the eye specialist, Cuddles has very limited vision. She is very sweet but also very dependent on Teddy, a nine month old Siamese mix who is probably her brother form another litter. The pair are available for permanent foster as well as adoption. Cuddles is on no special medication, but surgery may someday help her see better.



Update: Orbit has been adopted.

This good looking boy is named Orbit. He looks to be about six months old. He was found near Hillmoor and Tiffany Ave, in Port Saint Lucie. Orbit is a Jack Russell Terrier and if we can not find his owner he will become available for adoption after 3/30/2014. If you would like to meet Orbit, stop by the shelter and say hello.


Dixie3Update: Dixie has been adopted.

This pretty girl is named Dixie. She is about a six month old lab and hound mix. She has a sweet personality and loves to play. She gets along well with other dogs her size and would love to find a new forever home.


Harry1Update: Harry has been adopted.

Harry is about a six month old Lab Mix. He was found stray and turned in to us a few weeks ago. Harry is ready to find a new forever home with someone who will love and care for him. Harry has a lot of years of happiness to give to someone. He gets along with dogs his size and once he gets to know and trust you he will be your shadow forever.


Update: Joey has been adopted!

Joey is a six month old Russian Blue bobtail kitten.  He was shy at first so he is at a foster home where he  is getting some one on one attention.  He is very sweet and likes to be petted.  He can be seen at this foster home by appointment.Joey1