Lab Mix—6 yrs.-Male

Buzzy is the perfect size dog.  He is a lab mix and is a medium energy dog, well balanced dog.  Buzzy would really like a family to call his own.    Buzzy came in to the shelter because his owner could no longer care for him.  He would do best in a home as the only pet.




chloe_persian1Update: Shabby has been adopted.

Shabby is a six year old Persian. She has lived with an older woman all her life and needs a quiet home. She is very friendly with people but cannot be with any other animals. She must be the ONLY pet.

She was matted and our groomer spot shaved her, but she needs an owner who is used to dealing with a Persian coat. It is likely that she will have to be completely shaved or at minimum, brushed daily.

She is very out of place at the shelter. She needs a home as soon as possible

This beautiful girl needs a home ASAP



Lily1Update: Lily has been adopted.

Lily is a six year old beauty who is frontal declawed. She was surrendered by her owner because the other cats in the household were picking on her. She is super sweet and likes to be held and handled. She needs a quiet home with someone who will give her all the love she has missed throughout the years.

Misty Sue


mistysue1Update: Misty Sue has been adopted.

Misty Sue is a six-year-old Russian Blue Bobtail girl who lost her home when her owner could no longer take care of her. She is positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus but requires no special medicine or treatment. She is loving and sweet and has been a housecat all of her life. She is very out of place at the shelter and needs a home again as soon as possible.



Chico1Update: Chico has been adopted.

Chico is a six year old boy who has lived at the shelter all of his life. Although he was shy around people for several years, he has recently decided to trust people and he has become very affectionate and sweet.  Chico would make a great companion in a calm adult household. All he needs is a chance.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIndigo is a stunning six-year-old Hemmingway (extra-toes cat) who was adopted from our facility when she was a youngster. She was recently returned because a new family member was allergic to her. She would do best in a quiet home with no other cats or dogs since she is easily intimidated by other animals. She needs time to adjust to new surroundings but would make a wonderful companion for a senior citizen who is looking for someone to love. She is available for adoption or permanent foster.



Update: Scruffy has been adopted.

Scruffy is a six year old long-haired silvertip with a fabulous personality.  Her owner could no longer care for her, and she is looking for a calm home with mature adults.   SHE IS CURRENTLY BEING SHOWN AT THE VERO BEACH PETSMART

Milo and Otis



Update: Milo and Otis have been adopted.

Milo and Otis are six year old Maine Coon mixed brothers who are in need of a home together.  They are very handsome and sweet but require brushing to maintain their coats in good condition. They are used to living in a home and are very sad to be at the shelter.




stinker1Update: Stinker has been adopted.

Stinker is a six year old declawed Siamese boy. He is very friendly and talkative.  He was surrendered with his housemate George II because they lived in a place where cats were not allowed.  He is a sweet and charming boy.

Chloe and Mozart

chloe_and_mozart1Update: Chloe and Mozart have been adopted.

Chloe (the dilute tortioseshell calico) and Mozart (the orange tabby) are two housemates who need a home together. Chloe is six and Mozart is eleven year old.  They sit together and sleep together all the time, and they even groom each other. They would be very unhappy if they were apart.  Please take them home together.


samantha1Update: Samantha has been adopted!

Samantha is a six year old declawed tabby girl who needs a new home where she is the only pet.  She lost her home because of a child’s allergies, and she would love to find another special someone again. If you would like to meet Samantha stop by the shelter and meet Samantha. She’d love to see you.