Hi, I’m Coco, I am a 7 year old male lab mix. My mom loved me but we’ve been having hard times and she had to give me up. I was always loved and fed 😉. I am nervous with all these dogs around but I am super sweet and will love you forever. I’m ready to go to my forever home and get some love. Please come see me, I’m Coco._DSC0730



harpo2….and then there was one

When three-month-olds Groucho, Harpo, and Chico arrived at the shelter seven years ago,they were very shy around people. Groucho became friendly soon afterward, and was adopted. His brother, Chico, and sister, Harpo, spent the next six years cuddling together and avoiding people. A few months ago, Chico started to trust his caregivers and found out that he liked to be petted. He was adopted after spending seven years at the shelter and is dong well in his new home.

Now that Chico is gone, Harpo has suddenly started to become friendly and looks forward to being petted. She has been at the shelter long enough. She needs someone who will give her whatever time is necessary to acclimate to a real home. She would do well with other cats who are non-aggressive like herself.

If you have room for another kitty and the patience to let her be herself, consider Harpo.

Mister Mister


Update: Mister Mister has found a home!

Mister Mister is a seven year old Manx boy who loves people. He is very affectionate and will lie on your feet and rub on your legs. He is used to being an only cat so he prefers to be the only feline in your life, but he has lived with dogs all his life. He is available for permanent foster care as well as adoption



cookie1Update: Cookie has been adopted.

Cookie is a seven-year-old declawed girl who was adopted from us when she was only four months old. Her owner passed away and now she is back and looking for another family. She is used to a quiet adult home and is very loving. She seems very out of place at the shelter and needs to find another home as soon as possible.



Update: Sandy has been adopted.

Sandy is an affectionate seven year old boy who is totally deaf. He was originally abandoned on the street by his owners in 2010. Miraculously, even though he was unable to hear traffic noises or predators which could have done him harm, he managed to survive long enough to be found and brought to Dogs & Cats Forever. He was adopted by a wonderful owner, but now she is ill and cannot care for him anymore.

Sandy needs a calm adult home with no other pets, and he must be kept indoors at all times. He meows loudly because he can’t hear himself, and he is afraid of the dark. Believe it or not, he likes to be vacuumed. He can’t hear the vacuum, and to him it feels like a massage!

Sandy is a very affectionate boy who should not spend his life in a shelter. He is available for permanent foster or adoption.



Abby is a seven-year-old orange tabby girl who lost her home when her owner passed away. She is used to being a family pet and would be great in an adult home. She is friendly and sweet and would love a screen porch to bird-watch.



Tabitha is a a seven year old beauty who would be happiest in a calm adult home with no other pets. She has been a housecat all her life and is very out of place at the shelter. She is very affectionate with people and loves to be petted. She is available for adoption or permanent foster.


Miss Kitty


Update: Miss Kitty has been adopted.

Miss Kitty is a seven year old lap cat who lost her home recently. She is currently in temporary foster care because there is no room for her at the shelter. She is looking for a permanent foster home. She would be happiest in a calm adult home with lots of TLC available.

Captain Jack

Captain_Jack1Update: Captain Jack has been adopted.

Captain Jack is a 7 1/2 year old registered Doll-face Persian boy. He  lost his home because his family moved into an apartment where pets were not allowed.  He is very sweet and loves people. Jack is declawed on his front feet, and would make a great companion in a calm adult home.


ben1AUpdate: Ben has been adopted.

Ben is a 7 year old Bengal mixed boy.  He  lost his home when his owner passed away. He is frontal declawed and is rather frightened by the noise at the shelter even though he has been here for more than a year.  He would love a quiet adult home.