Zoe is a nine year old Siamese mix who is frontal declawed. She was adopted from us a year ago but her owner passed away last week and she was returned to us. She is a very sweet and affectionate girl and family friends said that she and her owner were very bonded. She would be a great cat for a senior looking for a companion. She gets along with other cats and even has lived with dogs in the past. Zoe is available for adoption or as a permanent foster.



Update: Cody has been adopted.

This beautiful boy is named Cody. Cody is a nine year old King Charles Spaniel mix and one of the sweetest dogs to come to the shelter. This poor boy was abandoned in the parking lot by a real heartless individual.

Cody is up to date on all his shots, neutered, microchipped, and just had a fresh dental from the vet. Cody does have a heart murmur and may be hard of hearing, but once you have his attention he is the biggest lover you will find.

Cody is looking for a quiet home with older grown children. He gets along with other dogs his size, but would not be suitable in a home with larger breed puppies or younger dogs who want to rough house and play all day long.

Cody physically is fine, but due to his age and heart condition will need to be monitored during strenuous activity and allowed to rest often. In fact if you are looking for a real chilled out cough potato who loves to cuddle Cody may just be the dog for you. Stop by the shelter and say hello.




jerry1Update: Jerry has been adopted.

Jerry was adopted as an eight week old kitten from our shelter nine years ago, but unfortunately a family member is allergic to him and he has to be returned from the only home he has ever had. His owner is trying to keep him in a room of her house until we are able to find him a new home. He is very sweet and handsome but understandibly will be a little shy at first in his new home. He is availble for permanent foster or adoption.


sassy2AUpdate: Sassy has been adopted.

Sassy is a nine-year old Ragdoll mix who is loving and sweet. She was surrendered to us when her owner moved into an apartment which did not allow pets. She is frontal declawed and must be brushed regularly. Sassy lived with a senior citizen for most of her life and she would be happiest in a calm home with retired people who are home most of the time.



Ciara2Update: Ciara has been adopted.

Ciara is a nine year old female Bichon Mix. She has a pleasant disposition and gets along well with cats and dogs her size. She is housebroken too. Ciara was surrendered to the shelter two years ago and has since been in foster care. Ciara’s foster family can no longer care for her so she is back in the shelter. If you would like to meet Ciara stop by the shelter during business hours and say hello. She would love to meet you.



Update: Louie has been adopted.

Louie is a nine year old exotic Persian (short haired) who was abandoned in an empty rental house by his owner. Louie is very small and sweet and needs a calm home where he can get some TLC.  He is used to other cats and dogs and would love to have a home of his own again.



Update: Barron has been adopted.

This good looking fella is named Barron. He is a male Shih Tzu and about nine years old. He gets along well with other dogs his size and is still very spunky. Barron’s owner passed away but he would love to find a new forever home. Stop by the shelter and say hello to Barron he would love to meet you.

Samba and Chloe

Samba1Update: Samba and Chloe have been adopted.

These two characters are Samba and Chloe. Samba is a nine year old male Shih Tzu. He has lived most of his life with Chloe who is a thirteen year old female Shih Tzu. Both dogs tolerate cats but only get along with each other in regards to other dogs. Samba and Chloe don’t particularly enjoy children so a quiet adult home would be best.

Both Samba and Chloe are available for adoption or permanent foster. Stop by the shelter and meet them.



Little Bit

LittleBit1Update: Little Bit has been adopted.

Little Bit is a nine year old Chihuahua mix who is looking for a new forever home. Even know Little Bit is nine the smaller breeds tend to stick around and love their humans for many years. Little Bit says don’t call her old! She has lot of years of loyalty and affection to give. Stop by the shelter and meet her.


Update: Peco has been adopted.

Meet Peco. He is a nine year old male longhaired Chihuahua. His owner unfortunately got sick with cancer and could no longer take care of him. Peco may have a few years but he is a great dog looking for another forever home. Stop by the shelter and meet him. Peco would love to see you.Peco1