imageThis beautiful healthy older calico girl is Renata, she is a very loving happy cat but she MUST be the only animal in your house. She will greet you at the door, cuddle with you at night, sit on your lap, tap you on the shoulder for treats, sit next to you while you eat in hopes of getting a bite too. She is one of the most loving cats I have ever known and so so sweet. However, she is possessive and wants you only to herself. She is very gentle with “her” human. Renata is in the permanent foster program so no cost – no vet fees!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! doesn’t someone have an empty nest?


FaithThis beautiful girl is named Faith. She is seven years old and has a great personality. Faith is part Akita and Chow. Faith loves to play and run around so she’ll be looking for lots of exercise. A fenced in yard or an active adult home would be great for her.









Update: Tank has been adopted. Good Luck in your new forever home buddy!

This little ball of energy is named Tank. Tank is a one year old male Puggle. Tank likes other dogs his size and gets along with kids. Tank does have some separation anxiety when he is left alone. He just wants to follow you around and go where you go. You will need to cate Tank if you leave the house. In time and training once Tank realizes you always come back for him and wont abandon him he’ll come around. Look at that face. How can you say no to him? Come by the shelter and meet him, you’ll be glad you did. Tank gives back much more in loyalty and love then you’ll spend teaching him that you wont leave him behind.