Meow Meow and Big Man


Meow Meow


Big Man

Handsome middle-aged Brothers Meow Meow and Big Man lost their home during  Hurricane Irma when their owner evacuated and decided not to take them back when he returned. They love each other and want to stay together as house cats in a  mature home. They have excellent matters of although they look very much alike their personalities are quite different. Big Man is the strong silent type and Meow Meow loves to talk. Together they’ll make your life complete.

Great news!! Big Man and Meow Meow’s adoption fee has been paid by their Guardian Angel

Milo and Otis



Update: Milo and Otis have been adopted.

Milo and Otis are six year old Maine Coon mixed brothers who are in need of a home together.  They are very handsome and sweet but require brushing to maintain their coats in good condition. They are used to living in a home and are very sad to be at the shelter.