Finch is a handsome ten-month-old boy who came to Dogs & Cats in January with his mother Cass, who was recently adopted. Finch is becoming very social with strangers and he gets along great with other cats. He would be best in a home with adults and older kids who had another cat for him to play with. Finch was found as a stray with his mother, so he never got to be a ‘house kitten’ but he is very playful and is making up for lost time with the people who come to visit him. All Finch needs is chance with you to have a happy life. image

Finch and Cass


Finch and Cass are a mother/son combo who would love a home with room for both of them. Finch(the tabby) is only eight months old and his mom, Cass (the dilute calico) is one year. they would be happiest in a semi-active adult home with no dogs or small kids. They often sleep and play together, so they need to find a home together, too.