Posey Is a 6 month old kitten  who needs a caring and patient owner. She it was very fearful when she came to the shelter but has made great progress and now enjoys being petted. She needs a calm, adult home where she can continue learning to trust and becoming the wonderful companion that she is capable of being.

Great news!! Posey’s adoption fee has been paid by her guardian angel.


nettiexCSC_0618 Nettie is a five month old girl who was trapped in a fishing net for two days before she was freed by a Good Samaritan.  She is understandably a little shy but is getting more comfortable every day. She needs a quiet home with people who can build her confidence, help her to trust and be the sweet companion she would love to be.

 Great news!   My adoption fee has been paid by my Guardian Angel


Bowie is a year old male who is very friendly and loves to talk and get attention.  If you have a family that likes to interact with your cats, then Bowie is the guy for you.  He is wonderful with other cats and probably dogs too.  Come meet Bowie and you will agree.  How can you resist that adorable face.




jade1Update: Jade has been adopted.

Jade is a six month old girl who loves to cuddle. She came to the shelter because her owner could not care for her. She loves to play, but her favorite place to be is in your lap. Jade is a very small cat who will probably be kitten-size even when she is all grown up



brady2AUpdate: Brady has been adopted.

Brady is an active nine month old who loves to talk. He is playful and social with people of all ages and with other cats. He was originally found as a stray but was obliviously a house pet at one time. Brady is charming boy who can’t wait to meet you



cutie1Update: Cutie has been adopted.

Cutie is a darling seven-month-old boy who was surrendered with several of his siblings by a kindhearted person who rescued them. He is very affectionate and loving with people but tends to get jealous if another cat tries to get attention from “his” human. For this reason, he would be best as an only cat, although he would be OK with a dog .
He is a confident and playful boy who needs an active home.



Boogie1Update: Boogie has been adopted.


Boogie is friendly six-month old who was found on his own outside. When we tested him, we found that he was positive for FIV,also called feline AIDS.
Cats with FIV can have normal life spans if kept indoors, so what this means for Boogie is that if he is not adopted, he will spend the next 10-15 years at the shelter.
He is not contagious to people, or dogs and he is only contagious to other cats if he fights with them or bites them. He is not contagious to other FIV positive cats.
Boogie needs a real home. Please give him a chance





Prince is a handsome two-year-old boy who arrived at the shelter with his siblings, Harper and Hailey. he is very social with other cats and he likes people. He would be happiest in a calm home with another cat.

Great news! Prince’s adoption fee has been paid by his Guardian Angel.




hailey1Update: Harper has been adopted.

Harper is a handsome seven-month-old boy who arrived at the shelter with his twin brother Prince, and sister Hailey. Both he and Prince are very sweet and love human interaction. They both love other cats, so they could go home together or separately-or with their sister. This sweet boy needs a home soon!



hailey1Update: Hailey has been adopted.

Hailey is a seven month old calico tiger girl who loves human attention. She was very shy when she came to the shelter but now enjoys being petted. She likes other cats and has two brothers at the shelter-Harper and Prince. She could be adopted with one or both of them, or by herself. She would be happiest in an adult home or a home with older kids.


digby1Update: Digby has been adopted.

Digby is a one-year-old boy who is the perfect cat for any family. He likes people and other cats, too. He is at the shelter with his twin brother Dilbert, and the two could be adopted as a pair or separately.


dilbert2AUpdate: Dilbert has been adopted.

Dilbert is a one-year-old-sweetie pie who has been at he shelter for more than six months. He is good with people of all ages and has a wonderful temperament. He likes other cats and actually has a twin brother (Digby) who needs a home also. The pair could be adopted together or separately.



My owner left me outside of the shelter, but the dogs scared me, and I ran into the street and got hit by a car. I was able to get to the shelter door and after two months, I’m good as new. I love people and I like to be petted and held. I’m not even a year old, and I’m ready to have a real home where I’ll be safe and loved



Shanghi1Update: Shanghai has been adopted.

Shanghai is a four month old Manx dilute torti kitten who needs a possible foster home because of a temporary-or possible permanent- medical condition. She will be having surgery to correct a rectal prolapse and hopefully after the surgery, she will need no other treatment. If the surgery is successful, then we will be looking for an adoptive home for her, rather than a foster situation. She is a happy, loving kitten who would be a great addition to an active adult family.


ace1Update: Ace has been adopted.

Ace is 1/2 of a look-alike brother combo who is only seven months old and very playful. He likes people of all ages and other cats, too. He is at ease in any situation , and would be an awesome family pet. He could be adopted with his brother Deuce, or by himself.



Update: Deuce has been adopted!

Deuce is 1/2 of a look-alike brother combo who is seven months old and ready to go home. Deuce likes people of all ages and other cats, too. He is a very playful boy would would be a great family cat either along with his brother Ace, or if be adopted separately.



Update: Sushi has been adopted!

Sushi is a very active and loving ten month old kitten.  He loves people and will perch on your shoulder, sit in your lap and give kisses.  He gets along with other animals and is the perfect family cat for any active family.


Nightinggale1Update: Nightingale has been adopted.

Nightingale is a ten month old beauty who has been at the shelter since she was eight weeks old.  She is very sweet with people and loves visitors.  She would be a great companion in an active home.