Scooby – Doo


Shep Mix – 7 years old – Male

Scooby—doo is a character…just like his name.  He is full of energy and love.  This guy will bring you years of smiles.  He is always happy and just an all around great dog.  Scooby likes everyone and even small dogs.



JadaJada is a three year old Boxer, Pit Bull mix spayed female. She is very smart and can unlatch fences and open doors. She is very laid back and affectionate. Jada is completely house broken and an awesome dog. No cats. Dog only home. Jada is a dream to have around and ready for her forever home.




Shaq2Update: Shaq has been adopted. Good Luck in your forever home buddy.

Shaq is a three and a half year old male Boxer mix with a very happy go lucky attitude. He gets along with other dogs and would make a great pet in an active home.

If you have experience with Boxers or other large breed dogs and don’t mind lots of slobbery kisses Shaq may be a dog for you.




This good looking guy is named Jeb. Jeb is a six old male Belgion Malinois mix.  Jeb came to us from down in Broward county where kids were abusing and throwing rocks at him.

As you might imagine, Jeb is very leery of new people and it takes him a while to trust and warm up to you. Once he knows you wont hurt him he is a very nice dog.

Come by the shelter and meet Jeb. He deserves a real home with loving people as he has a lot of love to give back.



Update: Soldier has been adopted. Good luck and take care buddy!

It’s with great honor to introduce you to Soldier. Soldier is just over a year old and is a male, American Bulldog and Hound mix as best as we can tell.


Soldier is still a puppy and very playful. He would love a forever home where he can run around and get lots of exercise. There is  not a mean bone in his body and is very loving and affectionate. Soldier will need a good alpha pack leader (you) to follow so that he can grow into being the best dog in the world which he’ll easily become.

Oh, how do I know this dog has such great potential? Well just take a look at him here and see just how “Cool” Soldier is already.


Rough time last night buddy? All those cute Chihuahua’s down in the small dog run wearing you out? Get into the doggy hooch?

So please come by the shelter and meet Soldier. If he’s not too hung-over or tired from running around the yard with all the pretty female dogs here at the shelter, I promise he’d love to meet you.


Update: Pluto has been adopted!

Here we have Pluto. Pluto is a male Pit Bull Terrier who is just over four years old. Pluto is another special case, large breed dog who wants to go home with a loving family who understands large breed dogs and has the time and resources to allow Pluto to thrive.Pluto1

Pluto looks scary, doesn’t he? When I first met him, I thought to myself, wow! Just for starters this dog is large. He his also rock solid full on muscle. Pluto is very observant. What scares a lot of people about his type of dog is he will watch you. Pluto is very inquisitive and will follow you around with his eyes. Its almost un-nerving at first. I admit I was leery of him when I first met him.

Now that I know him, do you want to know something funny? Biggest baby I ever met! Now this doesn’t mean Pluto will be right for just anyone. He is still a large dog that needs proper training, patience from a calm assertive pack leader. Pluto desires exercise, discipline and love. Don’t misunderstand, Pluto isn’t a bad boy or out of control, he just needs the proper guidance.  Pluto will want to be the only dog in the family and no small children. He wouldn’t hurt kids, but he is big and likes to play, so small children wouldn’t be appropriate.

As scary as this dog looks, he will sit at your feet as shown. If you allow him he’ll also gingerly stand on his hind legs put his front paws on your chest, look you in the eyes and give you kisses in trade for scratches and hugs. Pluto is a huge lovable baby.

If you understand large breed type dogs and have the resources, time and space to take care of one, you should visit the shelter and let us introduce you to this guy. He would make an incredible pet to the right person or family.


Update: Oreo has been adopted.

Oreo is almost three years old. He is a mix of American Bulldog and Mastiff. Oreo’s name used to be Tank and why it’s now Oreo is probably because of his colors but to be honest, this handsome fella is built like an Abrams Tank. However, Oreo is very lovable and affectionate.Oreo2

Oreo is a special case, his first family gave him up because they couldn’t take care of him. Oreo was Heartworm positive when he came to us. We put him on treatment and now he is good to go.

You will want to understand large dogs and have experience with large breeds. Oreo likes to be the center of attention and will want to be the only dog in the family. Probably no cats either. He loves his family home and may be protective around strangers, so you will want to understand and have experience with these issues. We have had a trainer work with him on leash and he is a good boy who likes to go for walks and is learning good manners.  Oreo will need an alpha pack leader he can follow and obey, (you). What you will get in return is a very loving dog who will have your back and love you forever.

I can tell you he’s a very happy dog who comes up to me each day and excitedly gives kisses. I urge you, that if you have experience with large breed dogs to come see Oreo, and get to know him. He will impress you and probably wont mind one bit if you want to call him something more fitting and masculine like Hemi, Hercules, Hulk, Patton, Chesty Puller, Hard Charger, Fire in the hole, Geronimo, Chochise  or something better then Oreo. If you like Oreo then he doesn’t mind either. Although he’ll give you a look like “come on man look at me I’m bigger and better then that!”

Lobo and Munchkin

Update: Lobo and Munchkin have been adopted and went to a new home together!

Here we have Lobo and Munchkin. Both dogs are male and both are a little over seven years old. Munchkin is a Yorkie and Lobo is a Lab / Poode mix. We think.

Munchkin LoboLobo and Munchkin came to us from a family that could no longer take care of the dogs. These two buddies have been together for more then six years and when we split them up, each will whine and cry until we bring them back together. It kind of goes without saying that we’re trying to find a very special home for these two, that will love and accept them both.



Update: Frog has been adopted. Good luck Frog and have fun in your new home.

This good looking Boxer is named Frog. You’re probably wondering what kind of name is Frog for such a good looking Boxer. Frog was found abandoned on the side of the road in a torrential rain storm. The story goes he looked like a waterlogged and sad frog.

Frog2Frog is almost three years old. He’s a good and very lovable boy. In fact he was adopted out from our shelter last year, but his owner got sick and since Frog would love to get in her lap she couldn’t keep him any longer because it hurt her too much.

Frog came back, but if you’re looking for a great Boxer who is very affectionate he may be for you. Come meet him. Frog promises the slobber will be kept to a minimum.