Baba is a male Pit Bull Terrier and is about six years old. Baba is shy and afraid in the shelter.  Baba would do well with a fenced in yard and a home with no small children or other pets. Baba has been working with a dog trainer while at the shelter and is learning to walk nicely on a leash.  He is such a love and it’s time that he find his forever family.





Sassy is a five year old female American Bulldog. She has a sweet personality and good disposition. She would love to meet you and find a forever home. Please stop by the shelter and say hello to a great dog. Sassy has plenty of love and loyalty to give.



Update: Tank has been adopted. Good Luck in your new forever home buddy!

This little ball of energy is named Tank. Tank is a one year old male Puggle. Tank likes other dogs his size and gets along with kids. Tank does have some separation anxiety when he is left alone. He just wants to follow you around and go where you go. You will need to cate Tank if you leave the house. In time and training once Tank realizes you always come back for him and wont abandon him he’ll come around. Look at that face. How can you say no to him? Come by the shelter and meet him, you’ll be glad you did. Tank gives back much more in loyalty and love then you’ll spend teaching him that you wont leave him behind.