Mya was found as a stray in the summer of 2014, and brought to Dogs & Cats Forever No-Kill Shelter in Fort Pierce, FL. She had mange and was put on several medications by a veterinarian, but sadly, she had an allergic reaction to her medications,and developed an autoimmune response to her meds. She has been to specialists in Stuart, West Palm Beach, and Gainesville, at the University of Florida. She is slowly getting better but has run up more than $5,000.00 in vet bills and medication costs. Her vets say that it could take more than a year for her to recover fully. Mya is only a year old and has a wonderful personality despite being in and out of clinics and given medicine almost nonstop.
Mya needs veterinary care for many months to come, and while Dogs & Cats Forever is currently responsible for her care, we are a private animal shelter which receives no financial assistance from local government, and we need help to pay her bills. Please help Mya get better so she can one day find a forever home.





Juno1Update: Juno has been adopted.

Juno is a six month old female hound mix. She found her way to the shelter when she was abandoned buy some careless people who didn’t want to look after her. As you can see Juno has a bad case of Demodex mange and rather emaciated. We are treating her for both conditions and in no time Juno will be a beautiful dog both inside and out. She has a pleasant disposition and gets along well with other dogs her size. If you would like to help Juno in her recovery call or stop by the shelter during normal business hours and a staff member will be happy to assist you.


Update: Caesar has been adopted.

This past weekend a very low class, low life, person brought a male American Bulldog with a horrendous case of mange to the shelter. Since the shelter is severely over capacity this person was given meds and supplies to help the dog. The person was going to take the dog home and nurse it back to health. The only problem was when the person got in the car to leave with the dog, half way across the parking lot they threw the dog out of the car and left with the supplies and meds. Caesar1

We have named this dog Caesar. As you can probably tell he needs lots of medical attention. If you would like to donate to help Caesar please send your check made payable to:

Dogs & Cats Forever
“Help for Caesar”
4600 Selvitz Road, Fort Pierce 34981

If you would like to donate with a credit card directly to our Paypal account you can do so by following this link to our donation page: Donation Page

Dogs & Cats Forever runs on community support and donations.  Thank you for helping, no amount is too small!