This is Jax and he is a six years old. Jax is an Australian Cattle Dog and Blue Heeler.

Jax is a great dog for an active family. Jax would do well in an environment where he has lots of exercise or a specific job to do. He’s very smart and loyal but needs stimulation. Jax likes to herd and he uses his mouth to pull you somewhere to show you something. Small children probably are not a good fit but as long as you understand how Jax operates and behaves you will quickly learn Jax is an awesome dog and very very smart. Come to the shelter and meet him and you will see for yourself.


Mimi is an eight year old female Boxer and Beagle Mix. She is very high energy and loves to run around. A fenced in yard would be a bonus but lots of walks and exercise on a leash could also suffice. Mimi knows basic commands such as sit and stay. She is also house broken. She gets along with other dogs, kids but likes to bark and chase cats.  Mimi likes to swim and play in the pool.

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Gabriel1Update: Gabe has been adopted! Good Luck buddy, and leave the cats alone!

This little guy is named Gabriel. He is a three and a half year old Corgi and Carolina Dog mix.

Gabriel has been working with our trainer for some aggression issues towards other dogs and he is making great progress.

Alone without other dogs, Gabriel is the sweetest dog and very affectionate. So if you are looking for a new pet and you have no other animals in the house Gabriel would be a great fit in your home.

If you want to be a good Alpha pack leader for Gabriel to follow and learn from, he’d love to meet you.


Update: Roscoe has been adopted. Good luck in your forever home Roscoe.

Meet Roscoe.

Roscoe is a five year old male Rottweiler and Chow mix. Roscoe is one of the most mellow dogs you will ever meet. He has a long thick coat that should be brushed regularly to keep shedding in control.Roscoe1

As mentioned Roscoe is a calm dog looking for a calm home. If you would like to meet Roscoe stop by the shelter. Roscoe would love to meet you.



Update: Shelby went into Foster Care. Good luck Shelby!

This good looking girl is named Shelby. She is about three and half years old and part Shepherd, part Terrier, and part Border Collie and part every other dog. She is a real Heinz 57, or 48, or 32.

Anyway, Shelby is shy but very kind and affectionate. She would probably do well in an adult home without small children.

If you want to meet Shelby stop by the shelter, she would love to meet you.


FaithThis beautiful girl is named Faith. She is seven years old and has a great personality. Faith is part Akita and Chow. Faith loves to play and run around so she’ll be looking for lots of exercise. A fenced in yard or an active adult home would be great for her.








Update: Roxie has been adopted. Good luck in your new home Roxie!

This good looking girl is Roxie. Roxie, we think is a mix of Australian Shepherd and Cattle Dog. She is six years old and a very sweet girl. She came to us because her owners were moving and couldn’t take her along. Roxie gets along with other dogs her size and has a great personality. Come by and see how sweet she is, Roxie would love to meet you.



wrangler2Wrangler is a German Shepherd dog mix. Mix with what and your guess is as good as the next. What I can tell you is that Wrangler is one good looking dog with a nice personality. Wrangler is a neutered male and just over five years old. He likes to run around in the yard and enjoys walks on the leash. He’s a little older and wiser now, so he may take some time to warm up to you, but once he does, he makes a great companion. Come by the shelter and meet Wrangler, you wont be disappointed.




AstroAstro is a three year old male Lab and Chow mix. If you like to throw a ball or frisbee Astro will be your friend forever. He’s a bright boy who knows basic commands such as sit and stay, but still needs some practice. He loves retrieving balls, and frisbees and will wear your arm out.


Come by the shelter and meet Astro he’d love to see you.


Fred1Update: Fred has been adopted.

Please meet Fred. Fred is a seven year old Beagle and Basset Hound mix. Fred gets along with other dogs and likes people. Even though Fred is entering his middle ages he still has plenty of love to give someone.