Lone Wolf

I’m a 10 year old declawed boy, waiting for someone to scoop me up & welcome me into their quiet adult home. It took me awhile to adjust to shelter life after leaving behind the only home I’ve ever known. I was very shy at first, but now I follow people around and beg for love. I will even stand on my hind legs and grab hands to ask to be pet. I don’t mind being around all the other cats here, either. I hope that I will finally get to know what forever feels like! 


IMG_20170731_022705I’m a young momma cat who came to the shelter with five kittens. Now that all my babies are adopted it’s my turn to find a home. I’m shy around strangers but once I get to know you I enjoy being petted and loved. I’ll be happiest in a quiet home with adults and older kids.

Great news!! My adoption fee has been paid my my Guardian Angel