Buddha & Zen



IMG_20170930_170035915Buddha and Zen are a pair of handsome ten-year-old Siamese brothers whose owner passed away a few weeks ago.  They are very sweet but they need to stay together as they’ve been together all their lives. Buddha has an old injury to one eye which will not get any better but it will require no medication.

Great news!!! our adoption fee has been paid by  a Guardian Angel



Griswald is a handsome Siamese boy who is FIV+.Like most Siamese, he is talkative friendly.  He is a young adult and because he has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus he should live with non-aggressive cats. He needs no  medicine or special food,  and will have a normal lifespan.

Great news!  My adoption fee has been paid by my Guardian Angel



Izzy is a  six year old Himalayan mixed girl who would be happiest in a home with no other pets. She is quiet and shy at first but is very receptive to one-on -one affection. She prefers a calm adult home and has excellent house manners. She is far too shy for the shelter because she doesn’t want to be with lots of other cats. She needs to find a home asap.

Great news! Izzy’s adoption fee has been paid by a Guardian Angel

Kitty Kelly and Misti

Kitty Kelly is an orange tabby girl and Misti is her Siamese mix housemate.  They are middle aged (approximately  7 years old) and frontal declawed.  They came to the shelter when their owner died and her family  members were going to abandon them outside.  These two girls have been housecats all their lives, have perfect manners, and are eager to  petted and loved.  they have lost their caregiver and their home, so they cannot lose each other.  They must find a forever home together.




Zoe is a nine year old Siamese mix who is frontal declawed. She was adopted from us a year ago but her owner passed away last week and she was returned to us. She is a very sweet and affectionate girl and family friends said that she and her owner were very bonded. She would be a great cat for a senior looking for a companion. She gets along with other cats and even has lived with dogs in the past. Zoe is available for adoption or as a permanent foster.



Update: Hope has been adopted.

Hope is a ten month old Siamese girl who would be happiest in a home with another cat or two. She likes people but takes a little time to be comfortable, so having another cat to interact with would be best. She is a sweet house cat who doesn’t want to spend her life in a shelter



Update: Hope has been adopted.

Hope is a nine month old Siamese mix girl. She lost her home because her owner was in poor health. She was very attached to her owner, and her adjustment to shelter life has been difficult. She is tolerant of other cats, but she would be happiest as an only cat in a calm adult home.


Buddie2AUpdate: Buddie has been adopted.

Buddie is a one year old boy who lost his home because his owner wanted to travel. He is used to being with a small dog and likes other cats. He has lovely blue eyes and has a white coat with tan and tabby patches. He is possibly a Siamese mix. He is a very calm cat and would love a semi-active home with adults and older kids.


blanco1Update: Blanco has been adopted.

Blanco is a one year old longhaired Flamepoint Siamese boy. His family was allergic to him, so he was surrendered to the shelter. Blanco is frontal declawed and is used to a home with teenagers and a dog. He likes being the only cat, however. He needs an active family who can play with him and keep him from being bored. He has great house manners and can be cuddly as well as playful.

Danny Boy


Update: Danny Boy has been adopted.

Danny Boy is a senior Siamese Snowshoe boy who lost his home when his owner became ill.  He is frontal declawed and wold be happiest in a quiet adult home with no other pets.  Danny Boy is available for permanent foster and adoption.

Mu Shu

mu_shu1Update: Mu Shu has been adopted.

Mu Shu is a middle aged Siamese mixed girl who was left in a rental house when her owners moved out.  She is very beautiful and affectionate.  She is good with both cats and dogs and wold love a calm adult home.


stinker1Update: Stinker has been adopted.

Stinker is a six year old declawed Siamese boy. He is very friendly and talkative.  He was surrendered with his housemate George II because they lived in a place where cats were not allowed.  He is a sweet and charming boy.