This is Jax and he is a six years old. Jax is an Australian Cattle Dog and Blue Heeler.

Jax is a great dog for an active family. Jax would do well in an environment where he has lots of exercise or a specific job to do. He’s very smart and loyal but needs stimulation. Jax likes to herd and he uses his mouth to pull you somewhere to show you something. Small children probably are not a good fit but as long as you understand how Jax operates and behaves you will quickly learn Jax is an awesome dog and very very smart. Come to the shelter and meet him and you will see for yourself.



Lab Mix—6 yrs.-Male

Buzzy is the perfect size dog.  He is a lab mix and is a medium energy dog, well balanced dog.  Buzzy would really like a family to call his own.    Buzzy came in to the shelter because his owner could no longer care for him.  He would do best in a home as the only pet.




Sadie, is almost a six and a half year old female Shepherd mix. She is very affectionate with people whom she knows. She doesn’t not tolerate cats or other dogs so you would need a pet free home without children in order to adopt Sadie.  If you are looking for a new forever friend Sadie just may be the dog for you Stop by the shelter and say hello. Sadie would love to meet you.



muffin1Update: Muffin has been adopted.

Muffin is a one year old sweetie who came to the shelter with a litter of kittens. Of course, her babies have all found homes, and now Muffin is waiting for someone to give her the same opportunity. She is smart and affectionate and would be happiest in a semi-active home with adults or older kids.



chloe_persian1Update: Shabby has been adopted.

Shabby is a six year old Persian. She has lived with an older woman all her life and needs a quiet home. She is very friendly with people but cannot be with any other animals. She must be the ONLY pet.

She was matted and our groomer spot shaved her, but she needs an owner who is used to dealing with a Persian coat. It is likely that she will have to be completely shaved or at minimum, brushed daily.

She is very out of place at the shelter. She needs a home as soon as possible

This beautiful girl needs a home ASAP

Slim Jim


slimjim1Update: SlimJim has been adopted.

You can call me Slim…or you can call me Jim..or you can call me Slim Jim. Just don’t call me late for dinner.

I was a lost cat (even though I seem impossible to lose) but I found my way to Dogs & Cats Forever. I’m very sweet and loving and I have perfect manners. I get along with other cats and people of all ages. Find me and you will be the lucky one.

Bitsy and Bertha


Update: Bitsy and Bertha have been adopted.

Bitsy is a young female who was transferred to our facility from a closed down no kill shelter. She is very sweet, but is dependent on her sister Bertha (who looks like her, as well shown below).

Bertha is very social and happy and would do fine on her own, but the same is not true for Bitsy. They would make great companions in an adult home.

These two girls must be adopted together, and we will offer them at a special price for anyone who adopts them both.




Update: Sandy has been adopted.

Sandy is an affectionate seven year old boy who is totally deaf. He was originally abandoned on the street by his owners in 2010. Miraculously, even though he was unable to hear traffic noises or predators which could have done him harm, he managed to survive long enough to be found and brought to Dogs & Cats Forever. He was adopted by a wonderful owner, but now she is ill and cannot care for him anymore.

Sandy needs a calm adult home with no other pets, and he must be kept indoors at all times. He meows loudly because he can’t hear himself, and he is afraid of the dark. Believe it or not, he likes to be vacuumed. He can’t hear the vacuum, and to him it feels like a massage!

Sandy is a very affectionate boy who should not spend his life in a shelter. He is available for permanent foster or adoption.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIndigo is a stunning six-year-old Hemmingway (extra-toes cat) who was adopted from our facility when she was a youngster. She was recently returned because a new family member was allergic to her. She would do best in a quiet home with no other cats or dogs since she is easily intimidated by other animals. She needs time to adjust to new surroundings but would make a wonderful companion for a senior citizen who is looking for someone to love. She is available for adoption or permanent foster.



Update: Sophia has been adopted.

Sophia is a seven month old beauty who was surrendered by a family who could no longer afford to care for her. She is very sweet, and she’s still a kitten, so she likes to play. She would be happy in an active young family .



Sparkles is a beautiful calico girl who actually came to us when someone surrendered her and she began having her kittens in the lobby. She and her two babies were in foster care for almost three months and now that the babies have been adopted, Sparkles needs a home of her own. She is a very sweet cat who is ready to be your one and only girl.

Great news! My Guardian Angel has paid my adoption fee.


Buddie2AUpdate: Buddie has been adopted.

Buddie is a one year old boy who lost his home because his owner wanted to travel. He is used to being with a small dog and likes other cats. He has lovely blue eyes and has a white coat with tan and tabby patches. He is possibly a Siamese mix. He is a very calm cat and would love a semi-active home with adults and older kids.


cassie1Update: Cassie has been adopted.

Cassie is an eight month old girl who came to us as an orphaned kitten. She is very sweet and loving and gets along with all of her feline roommates. She would be perfect for a home with children, as she loves to play and socialize.

Boo Boo

Update: Boo Boo has been adopted.

Boo Boo is a sweet seven month old girl who was found as an infant and raised by her former owner.  Boo Boo lost her home because of pet restrictions on the owenr’s home. She is lovely affectionate girl who needs a quiet home with lots of TLC.booboo1


Isis1Update: Isis has been adopted.

Isis is a two year old Siamese mix with lovely blue eyes amd a sweet disposition.  She gets along with other cats and people of all ages. Stop by the shelter and meet Isis, she would love to see you.


Update: Polaris has been adopted.

Polaris is a young mother cat who became a surrogate mother not only to her own four babies, but to twelve abandoned kittens also.  She loved being a mom, but now it is her turn to be somebody’s special baby. polaris1