BoboMeet Bobo.   Bobo is a five year old Basset Hound and Beagle mix neutered male. Bobo is very smart. Bobo gets along well with like sized dogs well.  Bobo will need some training in his forever home.

Bobo is a great dog.




3 thoughts on “Bobo

  1. Is Bobo still available, and if so, does he need a lot of space, does he get along with cats and kids? Also other animals like goats and chickens? What about horses or cows? We have a few of each of those animals, thats why I’m asking. Also, my 6 year old wants to know, exacly how much of an excape artist is he? Can he open a door easily, and what about gate latches and stuff? And, how smart is he?

    • Yes Bobo is still available. As for space it all depends. He needs to be walked and properly exercised every day. Bobo is good with kids. He is not good with cats, goats, chickens or any other animal that he would instinctually want to eat in the wild. He is an accomplished escape artist and yes he can open unlocked doors with other then round door knobs. Unsecured gate latches as well. Bobo would probably be best in a secured crate when you are not home to watch and supervise him. Otherwise he is an excellent dog with a very easy going and playful attitude.

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