Dexter1Update: Dexter has been adopted.

Dexter is a five year old male Poodle mix. Dexter has a great personality and would love to find a new forever home. If you have dog allergies Dexter may be for you since all Poodles are hypo allergenic. Dexter also needs an exercise parter since as you can see he’s put on a little weight. So if your looking to drop some pounds and need a great companion who would love to go for walks with you then stop by the shelter and meet Dexter.

Dexter could be your own little motivator to better health almost like Jared from Subway. Only a dog, and not a dork. Win!

One thought on “Dexter

  1. Dexter is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. Incredibly affectionate, and smart. He was actually my father’s dog, until my dad fell ill and was unable to care for him anymore. Anyone who is lucky enough to take this pup home will surely be very happy with their decision!

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