Donate a Kuranda Bed

Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. exclusively uses Kuranda orthopedic chew proof beds for all the dogs currently living at the shelter. Kuranda

We can always use some more and newer beds at the shelter. In spite of the manufactures claim, we have found some dogs will chew anything and since some of our beds are more then two years old, some are starting to really show some wear and tear.

If you would like to help support Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. and know you’re helping one of our great dogs have a soft and comfortable place to sleep at night we have made it absolutely easy and simple for you.

Follow the link to Kuranda beds and CLICK HERE

You will automatically be taken to the Kuranda donation page for Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. We have already spec’d out the two types and sized of beds we use. Just select one, and you will be directed to a payment page with a discounted price for the bed. The bed will be shipped to the shelter and a dog will sleep in comfort because of your generosity.

It doesn’t get any easier then that! Thanks for you continued support of Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. We thank you and Nova thanks you! She loves her Kuranda Bed.Nova