Gucci2Update: Gucci has been adopted.

Gucci is a four and a half year old male Pomeranian. He gets along well with other dogs his size and has a great personality. Gucci has never been properly housebroken and needs proper and effective housebreaking training. i.e.. Crate, sufficient walks, positive reinforcement etc. Gucci is a smart dog and is willing to learn and please. If you have any patience and dog training knowledge there should be no problem at all.  If you would like to meet Gucci stop by the shelter during normal business hours and say hi. Gucci would love to meet you. He is a very sweet dog.


3 thoughts on “Gucci

  1. Gucci is just adorable!
    I just am wondering, If he is still up for adoption? I was leaning toward another cat. And am not sure, If adopting a dog would be the best. As, I work & he/she would be at home all alone for 9 hours Mon – Fri.

    • Call or stop by the shelter during normal business hours and the staff will be happy to assist and answer your questions. This is a small dog and you cant expect it to hold its bladder 9 hours a day.

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