Update: Soldier has been adopted. Good luck and take care buddy!

It’s with great honor to introduce you to Soldier. Soldier is just over a year old and is a male, American Bulldog and Hound mix as best as we can tell.


Soldier is still a puppy and very playful. He would love a forever home where he can run around and get lots of exercise. There is ┬ánot a mean bone in his body and is very loving and affectionate. Soldier will need a good alpha pack leader (you) to follow so that he can grow into being the best dog in the world which he’ll easily become.

Oh, how do I know this dog has such great potential? Well just take a look at him here and see just how “Cool” Soldier is already.


Rough time last night buddy? All those cute Chihuahua’s down in the small dog run wearing you out? Get into the doggy hooch?

So please come by the shelter and meet Soldier. If he’s not too hung-over or tired from running around the yard with all the pretty female dogs here at the shelter, I promise he’d love to meet you.

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