Gypsy is  a beautiful long haired middle-aged tortoiseshell Calico girl who’s looking for a new start.  She  needs to be an only pet, but is learning to tolerate a few other felines in her room.  She was surrendered by  her owner because she has an allergy to plastic and must eat form a metal or glass bowl.  Gypsy is hoping for  a new home soon.

Great news! My adoption fee ha been paid by my Guardian Angel





Monet has been at the shelter for nine years, and  although she was at one time quite shy, she has become more social  and would enjoy a quiet adult home with lots of TLC.  Monet gets along with other cats, and it would be wonderful if she could spend her Golden Years in her first real home with a loving family.

Great news! My Guardian Angel has paid my adoption fee.


Duchess (1)Duchess arrived at our shelter with six of the most beautiful 6 month old kittens anyone had seen for quite some time. And why not? She is a beautiful baby herself. Duchess is a gorgeous one year old Calico who needs a home with lots of TLC. She is very sweet and gentle and needs a quiet home with adults  or older kids.

Great News! My adoption fee has been paid by my Guardian Angel



sibbyIMG_20170227_030111Sibbie is a young ex-momma cat who needs quiet adult home.  She is very calm and sweet but she is timid in new situations so she needs a family who will be patient with her. Sibbie has the potential to be a loving housecat with the right family willing to give her lots of TLC.

Great news!  Sibbie’s adoption fee has been paid by her Guardian Angel




Peaches is a six-year old Calico girl who shared a home with her housemate, Run Run until the death of her owner.  Peaches is a talkative girl who would do best with adults in a calm setting.  She is also frontal declawed.  Peaches would love a forever home with Run Run,where they cold get lots of f TLC

Great news!! Our adoption fee has been paid our Guardian Angel.  We must be adopted together.


skeetximg_20170108_175114 Skeeter is a 9 year old long haired tortoiseshell Calico has been at the shelter since she was 6 months old. She arrived as a skittish kitten and was passed over many times for adoption because she was not as friendly as other kittens. She is very tolerant of strangers now and loves to be petted by the people she knows. She would do well in a quiet adult home especially if one of her shelter feline friends were adopted with her.

Great news!! Skeeter’s adoption fee has been paid by a Guardian Angel



Great news! Eva’s adoption fee has been prepaid by her guardian angel

Eva is a beautiful tortoiseshell calico girl who  is FIV positive.  She is very loving and anxious to be held and petted.  Eva is good with other cats and with people of all ages. She would be an excellent companion for any family,.



Caroline is a middle-aged beautiful classic Calico girl who was found as a stray in a Port St. Lucie neighborhood. She is very social with people and extremely tolerant of other cats. Caroline would be happiest in a home with adults or a home with older kids.




Darlin’ is a young calico girl who was dropped off in the parking lot of the shelter. She was frightened by the barking dogs, and ran a few doors down to a nearby business, which had her picked up by animal control. Now that Darlin’ is safely back with Dogs & cats, she is ready for a new home and someone who will care for her properly. She is a loving kitty who will be a great companion in an adult home.

Finch and Cass


Finch and Cass are a mother/son combo who would love a home with room for both of them. Finch(the tabby) is only eight months old and his mom, Cass (the dilute calico) is one year. they would be happiest in a semi-active adult home with no dogs or small kids. They often sleep and play together, so they need to find a home together, too.



Noelle1Update: Noelle has been adopted.

Noelle is a lovely young calico girl who came to the shelter with a litter of kittens shortly before Christmas. She is very good with other cats and loves to be petted. She would be happiest in a home with adults and older kids where she could be spoiled.



Katie1Update: Katie has been adopted.

Katie is a sweet, one-year-old Calico girl who came to us with a litter of kittens. She is very friendly with people and would make an excellent companion in a semi active home. She is ready for a good life and waiting to meet you.



hailey1Update: Hailey has been adopted.

Hailey is a seven month old calico tiger girl who loves human attention. She was very shy when she came to the shelter but now enjoys being petted. She likes other cats and has two brothers at the shelter-Harper and Prince. She could be adopted with one or both of them, or by herself. She would be happiest in an adult home or a home with older kids.



Paisley1Update: Paisley has been adopted.

Paisley is a young tortoiseshell calico girl who came to us with a litter of kittens. Her kittens have all been adopted and she is ready to be someone’s special baby. She would be happiest in a semi active home with adults or older kids. She has a very tolerant personality gets along well with other cats.



Do you know me?

I am a ten-year-old calico girl who was dumped in a dog run in the middle the night at Dogs & Cats Forever’s main shelter in Fort Pierce.

That’s not my biggest problem.

You see, I can’t walk on my back legs, and because my owner didn’t leave a note or any other explanation with me, the folks at the shelter don’t know how to help me.
They have already taken me to the vet twice and had x-rays and bloodwork performed but the doctors don’t know why I can’t walk. The vet suggested that next I go to a neurologist who could possibly tell them what is wrong with me.

I eat well and I can drag myself to the litter box, (but I sometimes make a mess). I can even crawl a little on my back knees. The vets want to give me more time to get better, but they don’t know anything about my medical history.

The folks at the shelter don’t care who my owners used to be. They don’t want anything from them except the truth about what happened to me and how long I have been unable to walk.

The shelter folks named me Kalinda. I love to be petted, and I purr a lot. Also, I’m declawed on my front feet.

If you know my story, please let the shelter know at 772-489-5454 or 772-216-4109. You don’t have to say who you are-just tell them about me.

The shelter is starting a medical fund for me if I can be helped. If you would like to donate to that fund, please contact the shelter at 772_489-5454 or mail donations to Dogs & Cats Forever, 4600 Selvitz Rd, Fort Pierce, FL 34981



Sparkles is a beautiful calico girl who actually came to us when someone surrendered her and she began having her kittens in the lobby. She and her two babies were in foster care for almost three months and now that the babies have been adopted, Sparkles needs a home of her own. She is a very sweet cat who is ready to be your one and only girl.

Great news! My Guardian Angel has paid my adoption fee.



Update: Trouble has been adopted.

Trouble is in trouble, and she needs your help.

Trouble is a seventeen year old Tortoiseshell calico girl who was surrendered by her owner. Sadly, after living with the same family ever since she was six weeks old, it looks like Trouble may have to spend her remaining years in a shelter.

According to her former owner, Trouble had not been to the vet in several years, and tests revealed that she had been suffering from diabetes for some time. She is now on insulin injections and the rest of her bloodwork is normal.

Trouble is available for permanent foster, which means that her insulin,syringes and special food will be provided by the shelter to anyone who will take her home and care for her. She is frontal declawed, and is very well-mannered and sweet.

Trouble needs someone who will love her and care for her for the remainder of her golden years-in a real home like she is used to. Although shelter staff and volunteers will do their best to care for Trouble, it will be very hard for her to adjust to shelter life.

If you have room in your heart and room in your home, please help Trouble.



Pixie1Update: Pixie has been adopted.

Pixie was left in a cat carrier by the side of a busy highway because her owner did not want her anymore. She is a very sweet and easygoing two-year-old. She has a very unusual calico coat with beautiful blue eyes. She needs to lose a few pounds and for that reason she is available for permanent foster as well as adoption.  She has a very unusual calico coat with beautiful blue eyes.  She would love a quiet adult home.