Cosmo and Nebula


We are a gorgeous, fluffy brother & sister pair who are less than a year old. We are very people-friendly but we also love each other very much; We groom and cuddle each other frequently. We must stay together, and we would be perfect for a semi-active family with older kids. We love each other and are ready to love you!

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Ebony & Rocket

Looking for a fun & active dog that will keep you on your toes? How about two? Meet Ebony & Rocket! These beautiful young ladies are 8 month old Lab/Australian Cattle Dog mixes in search of a very active family. They would love to have a fenced-in yard to play in when they aren’t out on walks with their owner; supervised, of course, since they are digging experts. Ebony & Rocket are hoping to find a home together, but can be adopted separately if needed. Come meet these precious babies and consider bringing home loads of fun and entertainment!

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I’m a nine-year-old girl who needs a very special home. I’ve been blind for many years but I get around very well. I never have any trouble finding my litter box, my food or my favorite people. I’m also FIV positive but I don’t need any special medication or special food. I’ve been a house cat my whole life and I’d love to have a home again very soon. 

To learn more about what owning a FIV+ cat entails, click here

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I’m a beautiful four year old calico girl who lost my home when my owner passed away. I actually have an extra toe on one of my feet which looks like a thumb. I’m very sweet and I would love to have a home again as soon as possible. I would prefer to be the only cat and I promise to love you forever.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.

Ricky and Bubbles

Bubbles (top) and Ricky (bottom two) are a pair of three year old brothers with lots of love to give. They lost their home when their family became allergic to them. They are very sweet and love human affection. Ricky and Bubbles are very bonded so they must go to a home together. If you are looking for lots of love, look no further.

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I’m Rosie, a 6 year old Pit Bull. I’m your typical goofy, smiley pitty and I’m always ready to have a good time! I LOVE people but I do need to be your one and only pup. I know basic commands such as sit, shake and lay down. I’m full of energy and like to zoom all around the yard here at the shelter. I’m looking for a home with a fenced-in yard where I can play in between our walks. So, what do you say? I’ll pack my squeaky toy, let’s get this show on the road.

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My name is Camden and I’m very happy to be here! Why, you might ask? I was rescued just hours away from death, from an outdoor laundry room where I was found poisoned. The vet did say that the slight neurological problem that I have was caused by the poison, but luckily it doesn’t affect my ability to get around. I’m estimated to be a 7-8 year old girl and I’ve got so much life yet to live. If you think you’ve got a cozy place for me to sleep and lots of treats for me to eat, come to the shelter and tell them Camden sent you!

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Hi, I’m Mia, a 7 1/2 year old Chihuahua. I found myself at the shelter because my owner didn’t have time for me anymore. They did tell the staff that I do well with other dogs and kids. I’m a very nice girl and I will most likely jump right into your lap. Come meet me and fall in love!

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I’m Okee, and I’m from (you guessed it) Okeechobee. My owners moved and forgot to take me along, but I know if you come and see how sweet I am, you won’t be able to forget me even if you try. I’m 3 1/2 years old and I like other cats. Come on by the shelter and ask for Okee!
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Frank & Jellybean

Frank and Jellybean (aka Beans) are a pair of 8 month old kittens. While they are not related by blood, these two were bottle fed and raised together from a very young age. They are a bonded pair that have never been apart and must be adopted together. Frank and Beans were raised around a small dog and other cats in their foster home. These two boys are playful, very loving and sure to entertain any family that welcomes them into their home.  

Lone Wolf

I’m a 10 year old declawed boy, waiting for someone to scoop me up & welcome me into their quiet adult home. It took me awhile to adjust to shelter life after leaving behind the only home I’ve ever known. I was very shy at first, but now I follow people around and beg for love. I will even stand on my hind legs and grab hands to ask to be pet. I don’t mind being around all the other cats here, either. I hope that I will finally get to know what forever feels like! 


I’m a quiet 2 year old who loves attention. I’ll sit in your lap and be your best friend. I have a very mellow personality and would love to have someone to cuddle. I’m looking for a quiet home with adults or older kids. I get along great with other cats and hope to find someone to love me forever.

Great news! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.


I’m a sweet 2 year old who would love to meet you. I am great with people and I like other cats. I am FIV positive but I don’t need any special food or medicine. I only need an indoor home and lots of love.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee 

Tolearn a little more about what owning a FIV+ cat entails, click here. 




I’m Amaretto! I’m a beautiful young girl who found my way to the shelter last year when I had kittens. I’m truly a hidden gem in the cat building; when strangers come up to me I get a little nervous and run away. But if you get down to my level and call me over, it will only take about a minute for me to become your best friend. I’m extremely sweet, love being pet and will rub on your legs. I’m in search of a quiet home where I can be your only cat. Please, give a shy, quiet cat a chance.


I’m a handsome middle-aged declawed boy with quite the story to tell. I was found swimming for my life under the Stuart Bridge. Once rescued, I found myself soaking wet with a leg and head injury. They think I could’ve been hit by a car and thrown off the bridge but nobody really knows for sure. I’m very talkative and I’ve been trying to tell everyone what happened but nobody seems to understand me. I like to sleep in boxes and prowl around the cat building. Now that I’ve come out of my shell, I’m quite the entertainer. 

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I’m a beautiful 8 year old girl with a great personality. I was an only house cat my whole life but I’m very tolerant of other cats at the shelter. I’d love a home again as soon as possible. I’m very sweet and affectionate and I like people of all ages. 

great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee