We call him Roo and he’s ready to have a blast! He’s a BIG 3 1/2 year old Boxer/Great Dane mix with BIG personality. We’re told he likes to play dress-up. Squeaky toys give Roo the zoomies and he will puppy bow to his heart’s content. This fun-loving guy is wishing for a fenced-in yard to play in when he isn’t out on walks with his future best friend. If you’re a human looking for a goober of a dog, all 80 pounds of this lovebug is waiting for you!

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I’m Tink, an 11 month old female German Shepherd mix and I am on the lookout for someone who has a lap for me to sit in! That’s right, I’m a goofy girl who will dedicate all of my love to you and I won’t let my size get in the way of it. I was adopted as a very young pup but sadly found myself back at the shelter 6 months later since I did not get along with cats. However, I have done well with other dogs and older children. I’m looking for a home with a fenced-in yard so I can play when we aren’t out on walks. I’ll be an awesome companion, hands and paws down.

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I am Holly, a 2 1/2 year old Chihuahua. A few of my favorite things are people, cuddling and playtime. Unfortunately, I was surrendered because I wasn’t allowed in the new apartment. I would be happy in a home with a loving family and I wouldn’t mind if you had another pup. If you’re ready for a best friend that is always eager to be held and loved on, consider making me a part of your family!

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I’m a beautiful young adult who is both loving and sweet. I came from another shelter where I had been waiting since June for a home. I was missing some fur because of a skin allergy, but I’m all better now and you can see how beautiful I am. I won’t hesitate to greet you when you enter my room. I need a quiet home with people who can love me and give me lots of TLC.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee


I was a young mom who came to the shelter with two kittens, but now that they have been adopted it’s time for me to do what I really want…. that is, to find a real home of my own. I’m very loving with people but I’m not comfortable with other cats right now, so I need to be your one-and-only.  Come in, meet me, and fall in love. 

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee


I’m a sweet one year old who lost my home when my owner could no longer care for me. Even though I’m young I have been a house cat my whole life so I’m a little scared at the shelter. I know if you took me home you would love me -and I promise I’d love you forever.

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Ming is a quiet 10 year old Chow Chow in search of a loving forever home and a nap-time buddy. Sadly, her owners could no longer care for themselves, let alone her. She hopes to find someone special that loves her dearly once again. Although she definitely loves her walks, Ming would enjoy a peaceful retirement where she has a cozy place to relax – and someone to share it with.

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Weighing in at a long and low 37 pounds, Bonnie is special not only in looks, but in heart too. You wouldn’t guess that this extremely sweet, affectionate & happy 1 1/2 year old terrier mix was originally rescued from life as a pregnant stray. She is very high strung and playful. Bonnie asks that we allow her to meet other dogs before she can commit to living with them. This gorgeous girl can promise endless love to her forever family.

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Buttercup is a sweet & goofy puppy. She is a very bouncy and playful 7 month old French/English Bulldog mix in search of an active family that can keep up with her energy. She has previously been around other dogs and cats, but would probably do best with older kids only since she is quite solid & likes to chase them to play. Buttercup asks that we find her a family that understands her breeds & their requirements so she can live happily in her forever home!

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What do you call an adorable little 1 year old black & white terrier mix who likes to stand on his hind legs to beg for your love and affection? They know me as Jake around here! Truly a free spirit, I would make an excellent companion for almost any family. I like other dogs but will also throw my own party if you give me the right toys to play with. Now that you know a little about me, tell me about yourself!

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I’m a super sweet little girl who came to the shelter after being found by a good samaritan. The doctor thinks that I had an ear infection so I was really dizzy and unable to walk very well. Now I’m feeling a lot better, I’m eating my food and grooming myself. I’d love a calm adult home where I could get lots of TLC and where I wouldn’t be afraid of other cats or dogs.

Great news!! My adoption fee was paid by the person who found me… My guardian angel. 



Wildflower here. I’m a beautiful 6 year old calico tiger girl, ready to blossom in a forever home as someone’s one and only pet. I’m very affectionate and I love people so much that sharing them with other animals just isn’t going to fly with me! I can promise endless love and purrs to anyone who can offer me a calm home and lots of affection. I’m not only notably sweet, I’m smart too! I’m enrolled in Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Pawsitive Program – where I’ve already mastered the “spin” and “sit” commands through clicker training.

Great news! My adoption fee has already been paid by my guardian angel.

Moo Shoo

I’m a large handsome boy who’s so sweet and gentle I seem more like a kitten than a a five year old boy. I love people of all ages and I especially love to be petted. I lost my home because the other cat and I could not get along. I’ve been a house cat my whole life and I can’t wait to find a home again 

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee 


Blake is a 6 year old pit bull mix. He is currently residing in a foster home where he is thriving. Please ask about scheduling a time to meet him! Blake is in search of an adult home with a fenced-in yard where he can be the only pet.

Blake’s foster mom writes…

If you didn’t know this guys past, you would think that he was the perfect dog! He is so calm and loving in my shop outside of the shelter that was a crazy environment for him.

He sits, stays, places, waits for his food and has learned to walk perfectly on a leash. The boxer in him means he likes multiple short walks where he has time to take in all the smells! We take 3 walks a day and it helps him with his energy level tremendously. He loves to ride in the car with the wind on his face, smelling the world as we drive by!

At my shop, nothing I do bothers him. He will come to see what I’m working on and offer assistance…lol….but if I dont need his help, he lies happily on his bed or puts himself in his crate for a nap! He adores his nylabone that his friend Alexis got him and just loves to sit with me while he happily chews away!

Throughout the day we have an affirmation sessions where I tell him “You are beautiful! You are worth life! You are smart and you are calm and kind. You will find a loving peaceful home after you have healed mind, body, and spirit. You are a great friend!”

Please keep him in your prayers. To return to the shelter would set him back so far! I have faith that some kind person will find him!!!


My name is Meeka. I’m a beautiful 3 year old Australian Cattle Dog who lost my home when my owner had a baby. I am fairly calm and gentle indoors, but as soon as I get outside, I am ready for action! I love to chase just about anything that you can throw (sticks, tennis balls, ropes). Since I will require a lot of safe off-leash play, I’m looking for a home with a fenced-in yard. I hope that the right person will read this and want to make me their new baby!

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