Blake is a 6 year old pit bull mix. He is currently residing in a foster home where he is thriving. Please ask about scheduling a time to meet him! Blake is in search of an adult home with a fenced-in yard where he can be the only pet.

Blake’s foster mom writes…

If you didn’t know this guys past, you would think that he was the perfect dog! He is so calm and loving in my shop outside of the shelter that was a crazy environment for him.

He sits, stays, places, waits for his food and has learned to walk perfectly on a leash. The boxer in him means he likes multiple short walks where he has time to take in all the smells! We take 3 walks a day and it helps him with his energy level tremendously. He loves to ride in the car with the wind on his face, smelling the world as we drive by!

At my shop, nothing I do bothers him. He will come to see what I’m working on and offer assistance…lol….but if I dont need his help, he lies happily on his bed or puts himself in his crate for a nap! He adores his nylabone that his friend Alexis got him and just loves to sit with me while he happily chews away!

Throughout the day we have an affirmation sessions where I tell him “You are beautiful! You are worth life! You are smart and you are calm and kind. You will find a loving peaceful home after you have healed mind, body, and spirit. You are a great friend!”

Please keep him in your prayers. To return to the shelter would set him back so far! I have faith that some kind person will find him!!!



The queen of receiving belly rubs has arrived and they call me Millie! I’m a sweet & silly 9 month old lab mix who will roll over and beg for your affection. I found myself in need of a home because my former owner didn’t have time for me. The shelter was told that I do well with children and other dogs. If you can promise to always make time for me, please give me the home that I deserve forever!

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My name is Meeka. I’m a beautiful 3 year old Australian Cattle Dog who lost my home when my owner had a baby. I am fairly calm and gentle indoors, but as soon as I get outside, I am ready for action! I love to chase just about anything that you can throw (sticks, tennis balls, ropes). Since I will require a lot of safe off-leash play, I’m looking for a home with a fenced-in yard. I hope that the right person will read this and want to make me their new baby!

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I’m Mia, a 9 year old Maltese mix. I’m very sweet and gentle. The shelter environment is a little too much for me right now; I really need a calm and quiet place that I can call home. My owner had to give me up because they couldn’t care for me any longer. I do well with children and would make an excellent companion & lap dog.

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I’m Gator, a 3 year old Chihuahua. I might be small, but I’ve got a big heart full of love that I’m willing to give to anyone. I’m looking to fill the position of side-kick for a nice human out there. I like to go on walks and give kisses. I hope my future person reads this and realizes that we are meant to be!

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Spike is my name, being your little cheerleader is my game. I’m a little 8 year old chihuahua. I’m always happy to see the humans because I know I’ll receive tons of pets; they can’t resist this sweet little face. My owner could no longer care for me so now I’m in need of a loving home. If you think you can provide me with endless cuddles and kisses, please consider making me yours.

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My fur might make me rough on the outside but I’m a soft guy on the inside. I’m Brillo, a 5 year old black lab mix. I definitely have some small breeds in my mix, because I’m pretty tiny. The shelter took me in as a stray but nobody ever came looking for me. I’ve got the perfect personality; I get playful at times, but I also enjoy time to calm down and cuddle with my human.

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I’m a happy, talkative two year old who loves people. I’ve never had a real home… Just a barn for most of my life, so I’m looking forward to being someone’s special boy.  I have great manners and I get along with everybody . I’m currently being clicker-trained and I can sit and high-five on command.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee


My name is Fancy, and rightfully so, because I deserve to be treated like royalty in my future home. I’m a wiggly little 2 year old chihuahua/min pin mix who loves attention and enjoys spending time with people. I like kids and other dogs, but I don’t like to share my food or toys with other dogs. If you have another dog at home, you’d have to be willing to make special arrangements for separate feeding and toy time. If you have a cozy bed, someone for me to snuggle with and yummy treats, you might be the perfect match for me!

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The names Bongo! I’m a happy-go-lucky 8 year old maltese in search of a home because my family could no longer afford to care for me. I love other dogs. If you’ve got a loving home and a lap for me to cuddle up in, consider making me the newest member of your family.

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Pretty Girl


I’m a sweet ragdoll mix who lost my home when my owner became too ill to take care of me. I’m very out of place at the shelter, although I did live with two other adult cats in my home. I need a quiet adult family as soon as possible-preferably one who is used to dealing with long haired cats. I have excellent manners and if you’re patient with me I’ll be your forever friend.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.



I’m Mimi, a 10 year old Boxer/Beagle mix. Yeah, I’m a senior girl, but I like to be on the move! I’ve got energy and love to run around as if I’m a young pup. Having time to exercise is important to me, whether it is through several daily walks or a fenced-in yard. Swimming is my absolute favorite activity! I know basic commands such as sit and stay. I’m also housebroken. I do need a very special person and that is probably why I’ve been waiting for so long. It takes me awhile to get used to people, and most people aren’t willing to wait. I hope that one day, someone will really try for me. If that person volunteered to spend time with me regularly, it would give me the time that I need to open up to them prior to going home. I would do best as the only pet in the home. I have potential, and I deserve to spend my golden years with a family to call my own.


They call me Sprinter! I’m a 4 year old jack russel mix. I love people; especially those that will take me on walks, cuddle with me and let me give them endless amounts of kisses. I’m a little guy with lots of energy. An adult home would be best for me. I’m devoted to my human companions and will not want to share them, so I’m looking to be the only pet in the house. If you’re looking to give and receive endless love, come meet me!

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I’m Sadie, a 10 year old lab/shepherd mix, let’s get to know each other. I’m an absolute doll once you get to know me. I am a goofy girl who will wiggle and wag at the sight of a leash; I LOVE walks! I’m not only beautiful, I’m smart too. I know my basic commands and will gladly give you my paw. I need a living situation that can be difficult to find. I would do best as the only pet in a home with one adult person. The reason is, once I find a person of my own, I can be very protective of that person. I promise to make up for it with endless love, loyalty and lots of kisses.



Named for my good looks and charisma – my name is Charming and if you stop by to meet me, you will see why. I’m a young siamese mix boy in search of a new start. I’m very playful, inquisitive and would be a wonderful addition to almost any family that is currently cat-less, as I’d prefer to be the only feline in my kingdom. 

Great news! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.

Cosmo and Nebula


We are a gorgeous, fluffy brother & sister pair who are less than a year old. We are very people-friendly but we also love each other very much; We groom and cuddle each other frequently. We must stay together, and we would be perfect for a semi-active family with older kids. We love each other and are ready to love you!

Great news!! Our adoption fee has been paid by a guardian angel.

Ebony & Rocket

Looking for a fun & active dog that will keep you on your toes? How about two? Meet Ebony & Rocket! These beautiful young ladies are 8 month old Lab/Australian Cattle Dog mixes in search of a very active family. They would love to have a fenced-in yard to play in when they aren’t out on walks with their owner; supervised, of course, since they are digging experts. Ebony & Rocket are hoping to find a home together, but can be adopted separately if needed. Come meet these precious babies and consider bringing home loads of fun and entertainment!

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Chowder here! I’m a handsome 10 year old lab mix looking for a quiet adult home. I enjoy a relaxing stroll on a leash here or there, but for the most part I’m hoping to be the side kick to another couch potato, like myself. I am a little picky when it comes to other dogs, so if you have one, I’d have to meet them first. I do enjoy joining my sister, Sadie, on walks. If you think you could provide me with a home and a cozy spot to sleep in, please consider meeting and loving a guy like me.