Suzy is a snuggler and your lap will soon be her spot of choice! A kind and considerate little girl, any family would be lucky to have her. She loves affection more than anything, but bring out a sqeaky toy and you will have her whole heart! Suzy has done well with other dogs and people of all ages in the past. We know that you will fall head over heels for this sweet heart.

Female, Jack Russel/Maltese mix, 9 months

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I’m a very  smart girl-in fact I got my name because when I first arrived at the shelter I seem to magically go from one cat room to another without anyone seeing how I did it.  I’m only a year old and have  a cute little bobtail. I like adults and children and I get along good with other cats.   I would be a great  additiont any household. 

Great news!!. My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee


Petey’s got it all – the looks, the charisma, and the loving heart that every potential adopter hopes to take home with them. This sweet senior guy is a volunteer favorite and it’s pretty clear why. He really turns on the charm with his hugs, kisses and desire to be by your side. This angel boy awaits a family that consists of adults or teenagers, and wouldn’t mind sharing his home with another pup. Consider bringing home lots of love – head on over and adopt Petey today!

American Bulldog mix, Male, 10 years


This stunning girl is Roxie. She’s loves to give kisses and she is so smart; she will give her paw and sit pretty to show off for her human visitors. This goofy girl just can’t contain her excitement when she sees a leash or knows it’s time to play outside. Roxie’s ideal family would be one that is active and can keep her exercised & stimulated. Since she is so playful, she will need a fenced-in yard to use when she isn’t out on walks. She loves other dogs and actually has an adoptable friend right here at the shelter. If you are ready to commit to loving this sweet girl, consider adding her to your pack.

Female, Belgian Malinois, 8 months

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Butterscotch (Fospice Program)

I’m a beautiful one year old girl who is very affectionate and playful. Although I am healthy right now, I do have feline leukemia and only expect to live for up to another year. Since it can be spread to other cats, I need a home where I can be the only cat or live with other FeLV+ cats and live indoors. I would make an excellent companion and give so much love to a family, even if it is only for a short period of time. 

I am eligible for our Fospice Program – so my medical needs would be of no cost to you. Read more about our Fospice Program here.

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Buster (Fospice Program)

I’m Buster. I’m an extremely affectionate and playful two year old tabby. Although I am healthy right now, I have feline leukemia and expect to live for up to another year. Since it can be spread to other cats, I would need to be the only feline or live with other FeLV+ cats and live indoors. I deserve to feel the comfort of a home and a family, even if it’s only for a short time.

I am eligible for our Fospice Program – so my medical needs would be of no cost to you. Read more about our Fospice Program here.

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Looking for a friend who has spunk and smarts along with tons of love and licks to give? Trina is your girl! She came to the shelter after being found as an emaciated stray but has since put healthy weight on. This girl was definitely someone’s pet at some point – she knows her basic commands and will gladly give her paw to you. Trina loves walks and would be ecstatic to have a fenced-in yard of her own to play in with her future family. She may do well sharing her home with other dogs but would need a meet & greet with them first. Consider our sweet Trina when making a new addition to your family. 

Female, Pit bull, 2 years

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Meet Kirby! When this spunky little guy first came to us as a stray, he was very scared. However, he quickly opened up and showed us that he is energetic, has a wonderful personality and a whole lot of character. We actually had to use his intake photo for his profile since he will not sit still now that he’s comfortable. He’s not shy at all and will quickly hop into your lap. He does well with other dogs and we feel that with his temperament, he would do well with kids. Consider this little guy when making an addition to your family.

Male, Chihuahua mix, 1 year

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I’m a handsome three year old guy who lost my family because the canines in my home were picking on me. I’m very sweet, loving and I get along great with the other cats I share my room with. I’m quiet and always patiently waiting for a human to stop by and accept my affection. I’ve adapted okay to shelter life but I really would love to have a family very soon.

Great news! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.


I’m a sweet two year old tortoiseshell calico who loves to cuddle. You can pick me up and hold me and I don’t mind one bit. I came from Okeechobee with my housemate, Callie Sue. We can be adopted together or separately. I get along great with other cats and people of all ages.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee. 

Callie Sue

I’m more than just a pretty face. I’m a sweet and affectionate two year old who came all the way from Okeechobee just to meet you. I’m very snuggly when I sit with you but I don’t enjoy being picked up – at least not yet. I have excellent manners and I want to spend my life loving you.

Great news! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.


Jasper had a rough start to life and found himself on the euthanasia list at another shelter. Not only had he never known a loving home due to the abusive situation that he came out of, he was confused and afraid when everything he had ever known was taken away. We took Jasper in & a local trainer stepped up to work with him. Jasper even made friends with another adoptable dog of ours. He is still learning his manners and working to prepare himself for the new life that awaits him – he just needs to find the family that he so deserves. Jasper would like to find a home that consists of adults or teenagers and he would love a fenced-in yard where he can play.

Male, Cur mix, 1 year

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Peanut is an excitable little boy who is always happy to see his human visitors. He’s playful, silly and very generous with kisses. A home with only adults or teenagers where he can be the only pup would be best for Peanut. He is still a puppy and could use some training and guidance as he learns how to be a good dog. He would make an excellent addition to a family who understands that.

Male, Chihuahua, 10 months

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As handsome as a prince and as sweet as cherry pie, Toto is a man that can promise endless love and loyalty to his future family. This gorgeous gray-faced senior boy loves humans and other dogs alike. Walks are his favorite and he exudes happiness when a leash is in his sight. Polite, outgoing, loving, gentle and charismatic – how could anyone not want to give this angel all that he deserves in life?

Male, Lab mix, 10 years

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My name is Gus! I’m your typical English Bulldog; hefty, kind, courageous and silly. I came to the shelter because my owner became too ill to care for themselves, let alone a dog. I’m hoping to find an adult home where I can be the only pet. I would love to have someone to play tug of war with and to catch some z’s next to. If you’re looking for a goofy best friend to keep you entertained, you’ve just found the perfect match!

Male, English Bulldog, 6 years

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I’m a sweet 2 year old who loves to head bump and snuggle. I was living outdoors and being picked on by other cats. Unfortunately, during that time, I also contracted FIV because of the other cats that were fighting with me. I don’t need any special food or special medicine for my condition and I will have a normal life span. All I need is your loving home.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.



I’m a sweet one-year-old who’s a bit camera shy, but I’m definitely trying my best. I like other cats and I would love a screened porch to bird-and-lizard watch. I never had a real home, so l need a calm setting where I can feel safe. All I want is a chance, and I will be your forever friend. 

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee. 


Looking for someone with a little “extra?” Well, as you can easily see, I have a few extra toes on my feet. I’ve also got an extra good personality, I’m extra loving and extra sweet. I’m only a year old so we will have lots of extra time to love each other. Meet me today and we can start on our extra-ordinary life together.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee. 



Beautiful Bella is looking for a foster or better yet a forever home! Bella has been a student in the Pawsitive Direction Program – LARC 501c3 in Loxahatchee to work on training for the past few months. She will graduate soon fully obedience trained, AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) ready, and/or Bachelor’s/Master’s/PhD in Canine Life and Social Skills (CLASS) ready.

Bella is a 5 year old pit bull mix, with a beautiful tri-color coat and expressive eyes. Her new family should be ready for a house/kennel trained, wiggly medium-energy pup who promises endless love and devotion to her people. Since she does have a prey drive, she needs a home as the only pup with no small furry or feathered animals. She’s smart, focused and would be excellent at a sport or spending time on a lure course. Bella would do well with kids; she lived with a special needs little boy at one point and did amazing!

To fill out a foster or adoption application, contact Nicole (561) 723-8197 or send a message to one of the following facebook pages: Loxahatchee Animal Rescue Community, Inc. or Pawsitive Direction Program – LARC 501c3.




Lola Bananas

They call me Lola Bananas and I’m the cutest 100 pound baby you’ll ever meet! Overall, I’m pretty calm, but I like to be silly and playful at times.

Once I get to know you, I’ll probably try to fit myself into your lap. Soaking up affection is what I do best. I also enjoy going on walks and I behave nicely on leash. I had a loving home but I just could not get along with their other dog – so I’m hoping someone with an empty nest will take me in. Consider adding loads of love and loyalty to your family by applying to adopt me today!

Female, Cane Corso, 4 years

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My name is Milo but you can call me ✨⚡️🌟 SUPER MILO 🌟⚡️✨
I’m a super sweet, super handsome and a somewhat super-sized three year old guy. My owner moved away and couldn’t keep me, so now I’m awaiting my forever family.

I’m very relaxed and love people & cats of all ages. I have excellent manners and a delightful disposition. I’m currently babysitting in the kitten room at the shelter, since I heard the little ones love super heroes like me. Ready to make me your baby?

Great news! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee.


What a difference 2 years can make. When Grayson left the shelter 2 years ago, he was a handsome somewhat chunky middle-aged boy and happy to be going to a home! Sadly his owner did not care for him properly and left him outside. When he returned to us a few months ago after being found in a colony of feral cats, we did not recognize him. Only the microchip and the little freckle in his right eye told us who he was.

Even worse, he contracted FIV while living outside. Grayson loves people and is very friendly but he absolutely refuses to get along with any other cats, especially after his time on the streets. A recent vet visit confirmed that Grayson is in good health. He is about 9 years old now and needs to be in a single cat home where he will be pampered and loved, this time around. To learn more about what owning a FIV+ cat entails, click here.

Great news! Grayson’s guardian angel has paid his adoption fee.


Weighing in at a long and low 37 pounds, Bonnie is special not only in looks, but in heart too. You wouldn’t guess that this extremely sweet, affectionate & happy little girl was originally rescued from life as a pregnant stray. She is very high strung and playful. Bonnie asks that we allow her to meet other dogs before she can commit to living with them. This gorgeous girl can promise endless love to her forever family and she hopes to find just that very soon.

Female, Terrier mix, 2 years

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I’m a beautiful tuxedo tortie who’s only two years old. I was raised in a foster home from the time I was two days old so I’m very comfortable with people, other cats, and even small dogs. I’d be happiest in a quiet home with adults or older kids. I’m a sweet affectionate girl who’s ready for my new start.

Great news!! My guardian angel has paid my adoption fee