Update: Duke has been adopted.

Duke is about a five year old male Bulldog and Mastiff mix. Duke was found stray in Orlando and probably got into a fight or two with some other dogs while he was on walk about, since he has a few wounds around his ears. The wounds are all healing nicely and Duke is certainly no worse for wear.  He has a great disposition and will make an excellent forever friend.

If you would like to meet Duke stop by the shelter during business hours and say hi. Duke would love to meet you.



Woody is a three year old male Bulldog and Mastiff mix. He has a sweet disposition with a low key personality. Woody would probably do best in a cat free home but otherwise will make someone an excellent forever friend. If you are looking to open your home to a loyal friend who only wants to please you, stop by the shelter and meet Woody.

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Update: Oreo has been adopted.

Oreo is almost three years old. He is a mix of American Bulldog and Mastiff. Oreo’s name used to be Tank and why it’s now Oreo is probably because of his colors but to be honest, this handsome fella is built like an Abrams Tank. However, Oreo is very lovable and affectionate.Oreo2

Oreo is a special case, his first family gave him up because they couldn’t take care of him. Oreo was Heartworm positive when he came to us. We put him on treatment and now he is good to go.

You will want to understand large dogs and have experience with large breeds. Oreo likes to be the center of attention and will want to be the only dog in the family. Probably no cats either. He loves his family home and may be protective around strangers, so you will want to understand and have experience with these issues. We have had a trainer work with him on leash and he is a good boy who likes to go for walks and is learning good manners.  Oreo will need an alpha pack leader he can follow and obey, (you). What you will get in return is a very loving dog who will have your back and love you forever.

I can tell you he’s a very happy dog who comes up to me each day and excitedly gives kisses. I urge you, that if you have experience with large breed dogs to come see Oreo, and get to know him. He will impress you and probably wont mind one bit if you want to call him something more fitting and masculine like Hemi, Hercules, Hulk, Patton, Chesty Puller, Hard Charger, Fire in the hole, Geronimo, Chochise  or something better then Oreo. If you like Oreo then he doesn’t mind either. Although he’ll give you a look like “come on man look at me I’m bigger and better then that!”