Hi, my name is Duke and you can see from my photo, I’m quite handsome but I need a home of my own. You see I’ve been traveling a while just to have people shush me away until one day I wandered into a chimpanzee sanctuary. I thought to myself these are the strangest looking dogs! The humans at this facility are very nice to me but I can’t live here.

Here are some things you should know about me, I’m neutered, about a year old. I’m good with dogs, but I don’t care much for cats. I do get very frightened when it’s thundering out, but you have to remember I was always looking for cover. Sometimes I get so upset I dump out my food. I was heartworm positive and have been treated for it.

My wish is to have a permanent home before the holidays.

If you would like more information about me, please email info@savethechimps.org





Max is a one year old Great Dane and Doberman mix.  He has a wonderful temperament and is very playful.  He is a typical Dane.  Max is good with other dogs a older kids.  Max has a good disposition, charming, affectionate, and he is playful. Max loves everyone and needs to be around people. Max does not bark much.  He will be reliable, trustworthy and dependable.


Bubba Gump


Hey there, they call me Bubba Gump!  I’m a big boy, Saint Bernard / Aussie Mix and about 5 years old. I am just a big lover…I love people, I love dogs, I love big kids…Cats, not so much! I have all of my shots, fixed, I even know some basic commands. You know you want me! stop by the shelter to meet me, I’m Bubba Gump.



Mickey is a three to four year old Rottweiler.  He came in with heartworm and in need of knee surgery so he has been on medical hold.  He’s healthy now and ready for his forever home.  Mickey is a big boy and requires an experienced owner.  No kids for Mickey.  Please stop by to meet Mickey.

Remy and Hannah


Remy and Hannah are a bonded senior pair.  They are looking for a permanent foster to make their home available.  They are male and female, house trained and good with children.  Their owner has been displaced and had no other option then to surrender them.  They had originally been adopted from our shelter and as our policy states, we will always take in our rescue pets.  Unfortunately, these two senior dogs are in a hard situation.  If you foster for us we will cover all costs, we just want these two to live our their lives in the comfort of a home.  Please help make their last few years good ones.  They are gentle souls.



imageMcGraw is an excellent all around dog, perfect for an active family.  He is super sweet and gentle but still has a lot of energy.  McGraw is a shepherd mix and would do great in just about any family household.  Please stop by he shelter and ask for McGraw, he would love to see you.





My name is KC, I am a Doberman / Hound mix. I’m just a baby, about 9 months old. I’m a little nervous here in the shelter but I am having some fun with the other dogs. I’m really friendly and want my new family to come get me. I’m a good girl. My name is KC.



Pixel is currently in our Paws of War program, meaning that she is in training to be a service dog and will be given to a veteran when she is ready.  Pixel is a one and a half year old active and fun pup.  She is a mix of collie and husky, really your Heinze 57 dog.  The best kind.  Pixel is friendly and would do best with an active home.



Brandi is a 9 month old blue nose pitbull with a great disposition.  If you have been following Brandi’s story, then you have seen her transformation.  She originally came in from an owner that was breeding her and she was in poor health.  She is super sweet and loving, she has been cleared medically and is ready for her forever home. Brandi is good with most dogs and we are sure about cats.  Please stop by and ask to see Brandi.image



This cute boy is named Boyd. Boyd is a four year old American Bulldog mix. Boyd loves to play fetch and gets along with most people with a playful attitude. Boyd does not tolerate cats or other dogs so he is looking for a home where he will be the only pet and center of attention. If you are looking for a larger breed forever friend full of loyalty and affection Boyd may just be the dog for you.image



Poppa is about a two year old Lab and Terrier mix female dog. She found her way into the shelter with her two puppies. Poppa is from Miami and we don’t know much about her.  Poppa is very friendly towards people and seems to have a sweet disposition. If you are looking for a new forever friend Poppa may just be the dog for you.



This good looking girl is named Daisy. She was found stray. She looks to be about three years old and seems to have a pleasant disposition.  Daisy is housebroken, good with dogs, children and cats.   If you are looking for a new forever friend that will love you more then herself Daisy may just be the dog for you.




This handsome boy is named Baxter and he is a six and a half year old Lhasa Apso. He has a very pleasant disposition and seems to get along well with other dogs his size.  Baxter is good with children and house trained  If you are looking for a new furry little forever friend to love on Baxter may just be the dog for you. Stop by the shelter during normal business hours and meet Baxter, he would love to see you.



Sadie, is almost a six and a half year old female Shepherd mix. She is very affectionate with people whom she knows. She doesn’t not tolerate cats or other dogs so you would need a pet free home without children in order to adopt Sadie.  If you are looking for a new forever friend Sadie just may be the dog for you Stop by the shelter and say hello. Sadie would love to meet you.




HoneyBoy is an eleven year old male Rat Terrier and Chihuahua mix. He is very particular about who he attaches to and can be moody at times. If you are looking for a new forever friend and HoneyBoy accepts you, you’re going to be in for years of affections and companionship. Stop by the shelter and see if you’re a match for HoneyBoy.



This guys name is Jeffrey.  Jeffrey is about a year old and is a shepherd and curr mix. He is very skittish at first but warms up once he gets to trust you. He gets along with other dogs. Cats unknown. Jeffrey found his way to the shelter when someone saw him wandering around in the rain on the side of the road. If you would like to see Jeffrey stop by the shelter during business hours and say hi.




This sweet girl is named Jada. She is about an eight year old Hound and American Bulldog mix. She was originally adopted out from Dogs and Cats Forever around 2009 but her owner unfortunately passed away. Jada is a sweet girl who would do well in a house where she is the only dog. A cat free home is also required. If you would like to Foster or adopt a very loving and sweet dog, stop by the shelter and meet Jada. She has many more years of pets and cuddles left in her.



Cody3AUpdate: Cody is currently in foster care. Contact the shelter during business hours and we’ll be happy to give you information about seeing and meeting Cody if you’re interested.

Cody is a seven month old male Dachshund Mix looking for a new forever home. Cody is nervous and leery around strangers and takes some time to warm up. If you are looking for a younger forever friend Cody may be the dog for you. Stop by the shelter and meet Cody.