Hi, my name is Kado and I’m adorable!  I’m super friendly and I get along with most dogs and older kids.  I’ve been cat tested and they don’t bother me as of now.  I’m still very much a puppy, but I will be a very big boy. So, I would like to have a fenced in yard to play in. My original mom had to surrender me due to unfortunate circumstances, so I do know what it’s like to be loved and I love back.  Looking forward to finding my new forever family!



Hi, my name is Scooter and I’m a very handsome guy! I’m a little skittish when I first meet someone, but once I get to know you, I’m a sweet boy. I’m still young and a big boy, so a fenced in yard would be needed. I’m not sure how I would do with cats, but the shelter can always test me. I have been in the yard with some of my shelter dog mates, but we have to go slowly with the introductions. I’m not sure how I’d be with kids. I’m looking forward to finding my forever home!



Hi, my name is Rosco.  They think I’m between 1 & 2 years old.  I was a stray at another shelter, and they brought me here to find the perfect home. I’m super sweet and I love attention.  I am a large dog and would need a fenced in yard. I’m looking forward to my forever home!


Loki & Luna are 2 1/2 year old siblings.  Loki (black & white-male) and Luna (red-female) are friendly.  They are extremely bonded and would have to be adopted together.  They don’t like being alone.  Luna is very friendly, but Loki is still getting used to being in the shelter, so he’s a little skittish.  They would need a fenced in yard, which is very secure.  These breeds are known to try to escape.  Once vetted they will be available. Application are being taken and can be found on our website. They are looking forward to finding their forever home!

SHAR PEI (Bonded Pair)

5 year old siblings- Polo (M) and Zula (F)

Let us introduce Polo & Zula! These two Shar Pei’s are the most adorable dogs with all their wrinkles. We call them “our little manatees”. They are kid friendly, but would have to be the only animals in the house. They love attention and will let you know it. They walk well on a leash, and must be adopted together. They are so sweet and fun to be around. Their looking forward to finding their forever home!



My name is Eli. I’m a 3 1/2 year old, Curr Mix, male. I came to the shelter as a stray. I need to gain a little weight, but I have “Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency”. I’ll have to stay on medication, due to the fact I don’t properly digest my food. I’m very sweet, docile, and I walk well on a leash. I’ll need some “house breaking” training, but I’m sure I’ll be a fast learner. I’m looking forward to finding my forever home!

JAGGER (special needs)


My name is Jagger and I’m an 86 lb. lover.  I’m super friendly and love attention. I would like to have a fenced-in yard to run and play.  I still have a lot of energy, but the doctor says I have a Mast Cell Tumor.  They haven’t told me if it needs to be removed or not.  So if you’re interested in adopting me, or even fostering me, I’d love to have a forever home to call my own!



Female, 3 Years Old, Boxer Mix

My name is Gracie. I came to the shelter very scared and pregnant. I’m extremely shy, but not aggressive in any way. All my puppies found their forever homes. I know there’s someone special, who will be home most of the time, to help bring me out of my shyness. I’m dog friendly with most dogs. I’m looking forward to finding my forever home!


Husky Mix, 1 year old- Male

My name is Rocky. I’m a friendly, sweet fluffy dog. I would love a home with a fenced in yard where I can play ball. If you’re looking for a family dog, I’m your guy. I love everybody! I do like to jump a lot, so a home with older kids would be best for me. If you would like to meet me, please call the shelter to schedule an appointment. Applications are also online. I’m looking forward to finding my forever home!


2 1/2 year old- Lab Mix- Female

Hyacinth is a sweetheart! She came into the shelter as a stray and very skinny. She had scars on her face and body, and her teeth had been shaved down. She had obviously been used as a “bait dog”. Hyacinth’s scars have healed and she enjoys treats, toys and her “Giggle Ball”. She loves attention, and would make a great family dog. Hyacinth will need a family who will spend time with her, and show her what it means to be a house dog. She is good with kids and adults. Due to her past, she would have to be the only pet. She deserves the chance to know what a home feels like!


2 YEAR OLD- Curr Mix – Male

Hello, my name is Skyler. I’m very sweet and have a mellow temperament. I would love a fenced in yard to play in. I can be dog selective, and I seem to be more comfortable with women than men. I’m pretty strong, so no small children. If you’d like to meet me, please call the shelter to schedule an appointment. Applications are also online. I’m looking forward to finding my forever home!



Hi, my name is Spanky. I’m very friendly and active. I have lived with other dogs, and would be better with older kids. I would like to have a fenced in yard to play ball, but I also love going for walks. I don’t seem to pull as bad using a harness rather than a leash. If interested, please call the shelter to make an appointment to come visit me. The applications are also online. Looking forward to finding my forever home!


Female- 5 Years Old- Mixed Breed

Hi, my name is Gypsy and I’m a very sweet girl. I’m a big lover, but I tend to be more comfortable around women than men. I like going on walks, and I love my fluffy bed and stuffed toys. If your interested in meeting me, please call the shelter to make an appointment. Applications are online as well. I can’t wait to find my forever home!


2 year old -German Shepherd- Male

My name is Stark and handsome is my game. I’m a typical “teenager”.  I’m in need of a dad with a firm, but loving hand to bring me home.  I need someone who is experienced with my breed, and has no other pets. I would do best in a single adult home with no children.  I don’t like to be left alone, and require lots of attention. My friend, at the shelter who loves me, tells me I’m an “incredible boy”!  I absolutely LOVE to play fetch with tennis balls, catching them in the air, on the ground or in the pool! I would need a fenced-in yard so I can run and play. So, if you think we would be great buddies, please call the shelter and make an appointment to come meet me. Hope to see you soon!!!


Boxer/ Pit Mix-3 Years Old-Female

My name is Roxie and I have a lot of energy. I love to play tug with my toys, and I can be dog selective. I’m very friendly, but due to my high energy, older kids would be best for me. I love to go on long walks, and I’m still learning not to pull on the leash. I will require a fenced in yard where I can run and play. I’m looking forward to finding my forever home!


Male-Lab/Shepherd Mix- 5 1/2 Years Old

My name is Rocky, and I found myself at a high kill shelter for being a wallflower. Dogs and Cats Forever saved me from that shelter. I’m good with other dogs, but a slow introduction is always recommended. I love to go on long walks, and would enjoy a fenced-in yard. I do get excited and pull on the leash, but with some extra training I’d be perfect. I’m really looking forward to finding my forever home!


3 year old – Cur mix – Male

Jasper had a rough start to life.  He came from an abusive situation, and found himself at a Kill-Shelter.  We took Jasper in and a local trainer stepped up to work with him. Jasper even made friends with another adoptable dog of ours. He is still learning his manners, and working to prepare himself for his forever home.  He needs a family that consists of adults or teenagers. He would love a fenced-in yard where he can play.  Help us find a forever home he deserves. 



Beautiful Bella is looking for a foster or better yet a forever home! Bella has been a student in the Pawsitive Direction Program – LARC 501c3 in Loxahatchee to work on training for the past few months. She will graduate soon fully obedience trained, AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) ready, and/or Bachelor’s/Master’s/PhD in Canine Life and Social Skills (CLASS) ready.

Bella is a 5 year old pit bull mix, with a beautiful tri-color coat and expressive eyes. Her new family should be ready for a house/kennel trained, wiggly medium-energy pup who promises endless love and devotion to her people. Since she does have a prey drive, she needs a home as the only pup with no small furry or feathered animals. She’s smart, focused and would be excellent at a sport or spending time on a lure course. Bella would do well with kids; she lived with a special needs little boy at one point and did amazing!

To fill out a foster or adoption application, contact Nicole (561) 723-8197 or send a message to one of the following facebook pages: Loxahatchee Animal Rescue Community, Inc. or Pawsitive Direction Program – LARC 501c3.





11 1/2 year old- Boxer/Beagle mix -Female

My name is Mimi.  I’m a senior girl, but I’m very active. I like to exercise, whether it’s with daily walks or a fenced-in yard. Swimming is my absolute favorite activity! I know basic commands such as sit and stay.  It takes me awhile to warm up to people.  I’ll need a special person to spend time with me regularly at the shelter, so we can get to know each other.  I would need to be the only pet.  I have potential, and I would love to spend my golden years with a family to call my own.



I’m Sadie, let’s get to know each other. I’m an absolute doll once you get to know me.  I love walks! I’m not only beautiful, I’m smart too. I know my basic commands and will gladly give you my paw.  I would do best in an adult only home with no pets, since I feel the need to be protective of the person I love. I promise to make up for it with endless love, loyalty and lots of kisses.





 Dre could be your newest family member. This beautiful boy knows his basic commands and loves to play fetch! Dre dreams of having a fenced-in yard some day. He’s got a lot of pep in his step for an older guy.  Dre’s ideal home would be one where he can be with adults or older kids. Dre is good with cats and can be dog selective. Stop by the shelter to meet this sweet boy. He would love to find his forever home!

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7 year old-Curr Mix-Male

My name is Jeffrey. I came to the shelter as a stray.  I get very nervous around people. I need a quiet adult only home, with someone who would be patient with me.  I would like to have a fenced-in yard, along with being the only pet. I’m looking forward to finding my forever home!