Meet Izzie! She’s a 7-year-old female Labrador Retriever. She’s an easy-going girl who is also easy to please. She came to the shelter after some nice people found her as a stray. She is friendly with most other dogs and is well behaved around kids. However, she is a bit “treat crazy” and would love you to toss her one! Her previous owners haven’t come looking for her, so could you please give her a look?


India is ready to bounce her way into the laps of her forever family! She does the cutest little hop when she’s happy and would love a fenced-in yard of her own to trot around in. She has done well with other dogs in the past, and would benefit from a family who is ready for the responsibility and training that comes along with owning a puppy. India is exceptionally sweet and silly; who wouldn’t fall for this sweet heart?

Female, Cur mix, 8 months


Lock eyes with Caesar and that’ll be all that it takes for him to have your heart forever. He is a major goof ball and just a delight to be around. This super active one year old boy and would love to find a home with a fenced-in yard where he can zoom around and play! We were told that he has done well with other dogs in the past, but not all of the dogs that he has met were very friendly. We recommend a slow introduction for him to any potential doggy siblings. Consider bringing home the love of your life today, adopt Caesar!


This sweet little lady is ready to wiggle her way into your heart! Harley is on the market and a home with a fenced-in yard where she can run and play in between walks with her owner would seal the deal. She adores people and gets along with most of the dogs that she meets. Harley is practically still a puppy, so the need for training should be expected. If you’re looking for a fun girl, you’ve just met your match!

Female, Cur mix, 1 year


Tracker joyfully greets every person he meets. His age is unknown, but has been estimated to be about two years old. He is quite puppy-like and could use some training. He is very energetic and would love a family that will play with him! He has done well with other dogs, cats and older kids in the past. He is sure to light up any room he walks in, who wouldn’t love to call this boy their own?

Male, Terrier mix, 2 years

Chico & Chloe

Chico and Chloe are the sweetest bonded pair! Chico is a guy who’s always ready for an adventure, and he loves to cuddle with his person after a long day. Chloe loves to smile – and she is a very silly girl when she is comfortable. They are both quite playful pups who have been together for their entire lives, so they must be adopted together. We were told that they have done well with other dogs and kids in the past. Consider opening up your heart and your home to these two sweet hearts.

Male, Yorkie mix, 9 years

Female, Shih Tzu mix, 8 years


Katie might seem shy as she hides herself in between her blankets – but show this girl a leash and she’ll be all yours. That’s right, Katie loves to go on walks and she’s actually a very friendly little girl. When she isn’t out doing her favorite thing, she would love to cuddle up under the covers with her person. She has done well with other dogs in the past and would make an excellent addition to a quiet home.

Female, Dachshund, 11 years


Rita is a mature little lady with ten years under her belt. She’s got plenty of experience in the fine art of friendship, and hopes to continue giving love to everyone around her in a brand new home! She went home with one of our staff members for a few days and did excellent around the other dogs of all sizes and even cats. Rita just loves attention and would make an excellent companion for almost any family!

Female, Dachshund mix, 10 years


ONE YEAR WITH NO INTEREST, WILL ANYONE EVER COME FOR ME? My name is Leah. I’m starting to think that nobody will give me a chance. I would make an excellent companion for an active adult family and I like other dogs. I’m a girl who loves to have fun, go swimming and would enjoy having a fenced-in yard to run and play in with my people! When I see someone that I don’t know, I bark. Trust me, I’m all talk – I have to alert my people when a stranger is near! But, just ignore me for a minute, and I will soon become your new best friend. Unfortunately, most would just dismiss a dog like me and walk on by, and that’s why I’ve been here for over a year. I’m a real sweet heart once I know you, and it doesn’t take much time or effort. I might put up a front but I’ll melt in your hands like putty shortly after. Loads of love and licks are in the future of my adopter. 

Female, Lab mix, 4 years

Gadget & Marley

Gadget has that personality that will jump out at you immediately. His happiness is contagious and his puppy-like play style will have you grinning from ear to ear. If you have something that he wants, he is very quick to “say please” in the cutest (and fastest) way possible. It’s simply impossible to spend a few minutes with this guy and leave without a smile on your face.

Marley is a little more on the reserved side, but would definitely blow Gadget out of the water on the cuddle-meter. She is very affectionate and ready to fall asleep in your arms! These two were roommates for many years, so they became like family to one another. They are a bonded pair and must remain together when finding their forever home.

Gadget – Male, Jack Russell mix, 7 years (black/white)
Marley – Female, Chihuahua mix, 8 years (tan)


Petey’s got it all – the looks, the charisma, and the loving heart that every potential adopter hopes to take home with them. This sweet senior guy is a volunteer favorite and it’s pretty clear why. He really turns on the charm with his hugs, kisses and desire to be by your side. This angel boy awaits a family that consists of adults or teenagers, and wouldn’t mind sharing his home with another pup. Consider bringing home lots of love – head on over and adopt Petey today!

American Bulldog mix, Male, 10 years


Looking for a friend who has spunk and smarts along with tons of love and licks to give? Trina is your girl! She came to the shelter after being found as an emaciated stray but has since put healthy weight on. This girl was definitely someone’s pet at some point – she knows her basic commands and will gladly give her paw to you. Trina loves walks and would be ecstatic to have a fenced-in yard of her own to play in with her future family. She may do well sharing her home with other dogs but would need a meet & greet with them first. Consider our sweet Trina when making a new addition to your family. 

Female, Pit bull, 2 years


Jasper had a rough start to life and found himself on the euthanasia list at another shelter. Not only had he never known a loving home due to the abusive situation that he came out of, he was confused and afraid when everything he had ever known was taken away. We took Jasper in & a local trainer stepped up to work with him. Jasper even made friends with another adoptable dog of ours. He is still learning his manners and working to prepare himself for the new life that awaits him – he just needs to find the family that he so deserves. Jasper would like to find a home that consists of adults or teenagers and he would love a fenced-in yard where he can play.

Male, Cur mix, 1 year


My name is Gus! I’m your typical English Bulldog; hefty, kind, courageous and silly. I came to the shelter because my owner became too ill to care for themselves, let alone a dog. I’m hoping to find an adult home where I can be the only pet. I would love to have someone to play tug of war with and to catch some z’s next to. If you’re looking for a goofy best friend to keep you entertained, you’ve just found the perfect match!

Male, English Bulldog, 6 years


Beautiful Bella is looking for a foster or better yet a forever home! Bella has been a student in the Pawsitive Direction Program – LARC 501c3 in Loxahatchee to work on training for the past few months. She will graduate soon fully obedience trained, AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) ready, and/or Bachelor’s/Master’s/PhD in Canine Life and Social Skills (CLASS) ready.

Bella is a 5 year old pit bull mix, with a beautiful tri-color coat and expressive eyes. Her new family should be ready for a house/kennel trained, wiggly medium-energy pup who promises endless love and devotion to her people. Since she does have a prey drive, she needs a home as the only pup with no small furry or feathered animals. She’s smart, focused and would be excellent at a sport or spending time on a lure course. Bella would do well with kids; she lived with a special needs little boy at one point and did amazing!

To fill out a foster or adoption application, contact Nicole (561) 723-8197 or send a message to one of the following facebook pages: Loxahatchee Animal Rescue Community, Inc. or Pawsitive Direction Program – LARC 501c3.




Lola Bananas

They call me Lola Bananas and I’m the cutest 100 pound baby you’ll ever meet! Overall, I’m pretty calm, but I like to be silly and playful at times.

Once I get to know you, I’ll probably try to fit myself into your lap. Soaking up affection is what I do best. I also enjoy going on walks and I behave nicely on leash. I had a loving home but I just could not get along with their other dog – so I’m hoping someone with an empty nest will take me in. Consider adding loads of love and loyalty to your family by applying to adopt me today!

Female, Cane Corso, 4 years



Her foster mom writes….
“Bonnie is a loving pup who is ready to find her forever! She is a 2 year old terrier mix who loves to cuddle and please her humans. She has been in foster for a month, due to being stressed in the shelter environment, but she has really come out of her shell in foster. Bonnie is crate trained, house trained, great with her 2 year old human foster sister, her 1 year old pup foster sister and her foster kitty siblings. Bonnie does exhibit some food and toy aggression, but responds very well to verbal commands and corrections.

Although she does get along with foster sister, it is recommended to ease Bonnie into meeting other dogs, as she can be defensive. Bonnie loves toys (especially balls and playing fetch), running around outside with her puppy foster sister and going for walks. She is a sweet girl who loves to play but also loves to snuggle up. In November Bonnie gave birth to 4 adorable puppies who have all found their homes, and now it is her turn to find her furever family!”

To set up a time to meet Bonnie, call Dogs & Cats Forever at 772-489-5454.


Female, Terrier mix, 3 years

I might be a cute 20 pounds of scruff, but I like to be on the move! I’m Libby, and I’m ready to be someone’s new best friend. I like other dogs and even kids, but older kids would be best since I have a tendency to slip out of open doors. My loving family realized that they couldn’t meet my exercise needs or keep me safe. My energy and drive to be busy means that I have an endless supply of FUN to offer to my future family. I would be so happy to find a home with a secure fenced-in yard of my own, along with a family that can commit to keeping me stimulated. Consider me if you like be active and have fun!


Ming is a quiet 10 year old Chow Chow in search of a loving forever home and a nap-time buddy. Sadly, her owners could no longer care for themselves, let alone care for her. She hopes to find someone special that loves her dearly once again. Although she definitely loves her walks, Ming would enjoy a peaceful retirement where she has a cozy place to relax – and someone to share it with.