imageMcGraw is an excellent all around dog, perfect for an active family.  He is super sweet and gentle but still has a lot of energy.  McGraw is a shepherd mix and would do great in just about any family household.  Please stop by he shelter and ask for McGraw, he would love to see you.





Ellie is a very sweet young boxer mix female.  She was abandoned at the front of our building when we were closed so we don’t know too much about her.  She is young, probably 10-11 months old and has a typical puppy personality.  She is learning her commands and gets along with most dogs.  Ellie is in excellent health.  Very sweet girl, deserving of a forever home.  Please stop by to see Ellie.





Jasmine is a one year old AKC Doberman Pincher.  She is fully trained with basic commands and house trained.  Although a young dog, Jasmine is very calm and gentle.  She likes other dogs and would be good with kids.  Jasmine was surrendered by her owner due to personal matters, by no fault of her own. Please consider Jasmine if you are looking for a kind dog with manners.




imageMeet Sydney, she is a five year old Chihuahua and is good with other dogs.  She is a little nervous at the shelter but is as cute as a button.  Isn’t she darling?  Come on by and meet Sydney.


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imageWe have four pitbull puppies.  All of the brown are male and the female is black.  Pitbulls grow to 50-60 lbs. they will be fixed, fully vetted and chipped.  These pups are ten weeks old.  To be eligible to adopt one of our puppies you must pass our vet and home check, live in a home with a fenced yard and plan to keep the puppy for it’s natural life.  This is not an opportunity to get a cute puppy and keep it until it’s “not” cute anymore.  Please, these guys are for serious forever homes only.  Not potty trained.  Good with kids, dogs and cats.





My name is KC, I am a Doberman / Hound mix. I’m just a baby, about 9 months old. I’m a little nervous here in the shelter but I am having some fun with the other dogs. I’m really friendly and want my new family to come get me. I’m a good girl. My name is KC.



Gomer was found as a stray and has a silly personality.  Typical hound puppy, Gomer is probably 8 or 9 months old.  He is very active, good with other dogs and kids.  Gomer loves to run and will need a fence.  Gomer is still a puppy and will require training and potty training.  Stop by to meet Gomer.


Patrick and Liam

imagePatrick and Liam are two year old terriers.  They are very active and must be adopted together.  They were found as strays, running down the street and never claimed.  They are a bonded pair.  Terriers are terrific dogs with great energy but they can be a bit stubborn at time.  We aren’t sure if these guys are potty trained, so you might have to do some training.  You will love them forever!




Fritz is a purebred schnauzer.  He’s five years old and is very loving and affectionate.  He just came in and will be groomed right away.  Fritz is a wonderful dog despite his difficult beginning.  Fritz was being used as a breeding dog and kept in terrible conditions.  He will need help with house training and socialization.  We are so happy to help Fritz find a life that he deserves.  Look at that smile.


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Drake is a 10 month old Belgian Malinois.  He will grow into a large 70-75 lb. very bright and obedient dog, the breed is determined and observant with strong protective and territorial instincts. Socialize well to prevent him from becoming shy or sensitive. Drake love kids and is good with other dogs.

6o Drake will need leadership, daily exercise along with training and companionship, for without it he may become destructive and hard to handle. The Belgian Malinois is high energy, with a high mental capacity, and is quick to comprehend.


image Shadow is a really nice two year old male.  He loves to run and play and is just a great all around dog.  Can sit, shake, walks well on a leash.  Shadow is a pitbull and will make a lifelong, loyal companion for the right family.  We do require that you live in a home and have a fenced yard for Shadow, since he is very active.  A shelter dog favorite, please stop by and ask for Shadow! image





Pixel is currently in our Paws of War program, meaning that she is in training to be a service dog and will be given to a veteran when she is ready.  Pixel is a one and a half year old active and fun pup.  She is a mix of collie and husky, really your Heinze 57 dog.  The best kind.  Pixel is friendly and would do best with an active home.



Brandi is a 9 month old blue nose pitbull with a great disposition.  If you have been following Brandi’s story, then you have seen her transformation.  She originally came in from an owner that was breeding her and she was in poor health.  She is super sweet and loving, she has been cleared medically and is ready for her forever home. Brandi is good with most dogs and we are sure about cats.  Please stop by and ask to see Brandi.image



This cute boy is named Boyd. Boyd is a four year old American Bulldog mix. Boyd loves to play fetch and gets along with most people with a playful attitude. Boyd does not tolerate cats or other dogs so he is looking for a home where he will be the only pet and center of attention. If you are looking for a larger breed forever friend full of loyalty and affection Boyd may just be the dog for you.image



Bee is a five year old Australian Shepherd and Blue Heeler mix female dog. She has a wonderful personality and and pleasing disposition. If you’re looking for a medium size forever friend that loves to play and run, Bee may just be the dog you are looking for.



Poppa is about a two year old Lab and Terrier mix female dog. She found her way into the shelter with her two puppies. Poppa is from Miami and we don’t know much about her. Other then having an incorrectly masculine name,she is very friendly towards people and seems to have a sweet disposition. If you are looking for a new forever friend Poppa may just ben the dog for you.


KaylindKaylind is a three year old female German Shepherd and Greyhound mix dog. She is a little shy at first but warms up quickly and becomes very affectionate. Kaylind gets along with other dogs her size but would do well in a home without cats. If you would like to meet Kaylind stop by the shelter during business hours and say hello.



This good looking girl is named Daisy. She was found stray. She looks to be about two years old and seems to have a pleasant disposition. If you are looking for a new forever friend that will love you more then herself Daisy may just be the dog for you.



Smiley is a six year old male Staffordshire Terrier and American Bulldog mix. He doesn’t get along well with other dogs or cats so a pet free home is recommended. He is very playful but in the past has been unpredictable.  If you’re looking for a new forever friend and have experience with this type of breed, stop by the shelter and say hello to Smiley. He would love to meet you.




Sadie, is almost a six and a half year old female Shepherd mix. She is very affectionate with people whom she knows. She doesn’t not tolerate cats or other dogs so you would need a pet free home without children in order to adopt Sadie.  If you are looking for a new forever friend Sadie just may be the dog for you Stop by the shelter and say hello. Sadie would love to meet you.




HoneyBoy is an eleven year old male Rat Terrier and Chihuahua mix. He is very particular about who he attaches to and can be moody at times. If you are looking for a new forever friend and HoneyBoy accepts you, you’re going to be in for years of affections and companionship. Stop by the shelter and see if you’re a match for HoneyBoy.



This good looking boy is named Gadget. He is a seven year old neutered Pekingese. He is also very particular about who he likes and allows to connect to him. If he accepts you then you will have a very loyal loving forever friend.  Gadget does get along with dogs his size and is house broken.



JeffreyThis little guys name is Jeffrey.  Jeffrey is about a year old and is a shepherd and curr mix. He is very skittish at first but warms up once he gets to trust you. He gets along with other dogs. Cats unknown. Jeffrey found his way to the shelter when someone saw him wandering around in the rain on the side of the road. If you would like to see Jeffrey stop by the shelter during business hours and say hi.



Cody3AUpdate: Cody is currently in foster care. Contact the shelter during business hours and we’ll be happy to give you information about seeing and meeting Cody if you’re interested.

Cody is a seven month old male Dachshund Mix looking for a new forever home. Cody is nervous and leery around strangers and takes some time to warm up. If you are looking for a younger forever friend Cody may be the dog for you. Stop by the shelter and meet Cody.




Mya was found as a stray in the summer of 2014, and brought to Dogs & Cats Forever No-Kill Shelter in Fort Pierce, FL. She had mange and was put on several medications by a veterinarian, but sadly, she had an allergic reaction to her medications,and developed an autoimmune response to her meds. She has been to specialists in Stuart, West Palm Beach, and Gainesville, at the University of Florida. She is slowly getting better but has run up more than $5,000.00 in vet bills and medication costs. Her vets say that it could take more than a year for her to recover fully. Mya is only a year old and has a wonderful personality despite being in and out of clinics and given medicine almost nonstop.
Mya needs veterinary care for many months to come, and while Dogs & Cats Forever is currently responsible for her care, we are a private animal shelter which receives no financial assistance from local government, and we need help to pay her bills. Please help Mya get better so she can one day find a forever home.