FeLV+ Cats


               FeLV  Positive Cats and Kittens

Can you give them the chance of a lifetime?

There are few guarantees in life. 

When you adopt a cat you hope that you will have 10-20 happy years together. Sometimes, sadly,  that is not the case and our kitties leave us prematurely.

Studies have proven that cats crave human touching and petting even more than food. Many times, cats which are denied interaction with humans become depressed and often stop eating and grooming. Felines which are positive for FeLV-a “cats only” virus which  shortens their lives considerably -are no less deserving or responsive to human interaction, and love to be loved just as much as their healthier feline counterparts do. 

it is not only the cats who thrive in their  relationships with humans, but humans also benefit both physically and emotionally when interacting with their favorite feline. There is nothing like a cat purring in your ear to help you forget about a bad day.

Adopting a FeLV+ cat or kitten is not for everyone. Their lives will be shorter,  and often, difficult decisions must be made. However, those who have the time and patience may find life with a FeLV+ feline is a rewarding experience for all concerned. In most cases FeLV+ cats and kittens don’t need any medications or special food but the shelter will provide anything that is necessary.

Ready to get started?  Visit the shelter and meet our FeLV+ cats and kittens. 

Their chance of a lifetime begins with you. 


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