When it rains, it PURRS

Have you ever thought about helping a homeless animal but you don’t know if you’re ready for a life-long commitment or the financial burden that comes along with it? Fostering allows members of our community to make a difference. Fostering is a way to help homeless pets without having to spend a dime. We provide the medical care, and even the supplies like donated food and litter if needed. You provide a safe space along with love and care.

We can use fosters for all types of animals. Specifically, our greatest need is fosters of kittens & mother cats. We could also use experienced kitten bottle-feeders for young, abandoned babies. Animals in these situations cannot stay in the shelter environment; they need a fairly quiet, calm & stress-free place to reside while they await their forever families.

We are only able to take in young puppies and kittens if we have a foster home available to take them immediately; young animals that cannot be vaccinated or spayed/neutered any time soon can not stay in the shelter. We also get very shy or scared adult animals that have a hard time being noticed by adopters; sometimes these animals have only ever known a home setting, and adjusting can be very difficult. These types of animals need the one-on-one time and socialization that is much more readily available in a foster home setting.

Have other pets? It’s easier than you think. Of course, most of the time, young babies will need to be kept separate from other animals in the home. However, it’s as simple as keeping a door closed so they can reside in a spare room, office or even a bathroom! Dry bathtubs make excellent kitten and puppy play pens.

If you are interested in making a difference as a Dogs & Cats Forever foster, please stop by the shelter during business hours at 4600 Selvitz Rd. in Ft. Pierce to fill out a foster application!

For an experience similar to fostering, click here to learn about our Fospice Program.

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